Friday, October 19, 2007

Iyengar yoga Manila

So yeah, last Wednesday I did attend yoga class, I chose Iyengar yoga over yoga Manila since the shala is near, one block away from our office.
Iyengar yoga is a form of hatha yoga that uses props such as belts, bags,chairs, blanket and etc. The poses are much challenging than bikram yoga, maybe because bikram focuses on a series of 26 postures while in iyengar is more on experimentation, where you can explore yoga more… but indeed the poses here are held in longer time and requires more concentration. Yeah I did do the headstand on my 1st session =)

Personally, I liked bikram more than Iyengar since I wanted the sweaty after feel or perhaps the room was just too cold and is lit or I was too sleepy last Wednesday. I'll prolly try it again next time but I also have to try yoga manila.

Iyengar Yoga Center Manila is located at 21/F LKG Tower, Ayala Ave.
For more inquiries visit Iyengar yoga Manila site.

More about Iyengar yoga from wiki.


Anonymous said...

hi. im also interested in yoga.. can i ask how much iyengar yoga manila costs?

-- xela

ALiNe said...

Hi Xela- Its around P400-600 per session. :D
try to contact them:(632) 753-4495.

Unknown said...


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