Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Moving out , moving in

It has been 3 days since I moved-out temporarily from our house in Caloocan to my best friend’s (Donna) place in Makati. I was really planning to move out...since travel time is becoming an issue to me; and it was one of the things I wanted to try before I reach ehem 30.

At home, I literally do nothing, food is almost always ready when I'm hungry plus I don't have to deal with dish washing; used clothes will be back in my closet after a day or two... Life is different now, no air condition at night, not to mentioned that I have to deal with things such as food, rent, utilities and laundry.

I miss home but so far I am enjoying the nearness of the place to my workplace (approximately 10 minutes travel time). And beside I can go home anytime I want and on weekends. Plus I’m practically not alone (wink).

That's All!


Anonymous said...


exciting ano! ahehehe! buti ka pa may uuwian. e ako? i'll be living all alone for the rest of my life.
hopefully i get to find a bigger place and cheaper(asa pa)=]


ALiNe said...

Craven- Ang drana ha, meron pang "for the rest of my life" ;p . Everntually you will not be alone... Good luck on your house hunting.

Cza said...

i want my own unit. gusto ko condo. :P hehe. but i still have a number of years ahead before i turn 30. kaya tsaka ko na lang problemahin. *wink* anyway, congrats!!! one big leap for you! :)

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