Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pia Y Damaso Restaurante : Greenbelt 5 Resto

Pia Y Damaso - If you studied in Philippines, the name itself will make you think about the famous novel of Jose Rizal, our national hero. Yeah! somehow the name bring back a little of high school days.

Forget about book, because Pia Y Damaso is a cozy food place in Greenbelt 5. The exterior and interior were the one who called my attention- very inviting, warm and charming... The menu s quite intriguing and interesting; touch of "Spanish colonial to Philippines".

Here's some sample of what I'm talking about: our orders.

Lang lang noodle soup- P275
Ingredients include shredded chicken, mushroom, molo, lomi, and sotanghon noodle.
Personally, I find the soup flavorful but salty. An order will sure make you full.

Tubig ni Maria Clara-P230
Cucumber juice with ginger syrup in citrus water
The taste of cucumber is strong but the drink itself is soothing and different.

Chicken pastel-P290
Cooked just right, not too creamy.

Smoked tapang usa (salted Nueva Ecija's deer) - P420
Sound exotic e? Aside from interior, we actually dine in that day because of this. Now I can say that I have eaten a deer ;) This is served with roasted veggies scramble and garlic rice.

Lengua sevillana with olives and mushroom - P460
I just love the taste of their lengua. Period!

Per waiter's recommendation we have Sisa's Dementia for dessert, P169
Truffle cake with white chocolate almond pastille, dark chocolate mousse & ganache.
A cake best with coffee... yeah they do serve coffee.

Pia Y Damaso Restaurante/Cafe Damaso
Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St., Legaspi Village
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 729-5511

That's All!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Aline is unwinding...

Saturday ...

I was hanging out with my Dona a while ago... Taken inside starbucks earlier. Crazy? I know... but it was fun ;-)

Anyway at this very moment, I'm wasting time alone in Starbucks enjoying my venti cup and pondering .... I am enjoying my time alone... I just feel so free....

Waiting for the sun set.... I will be home soon... I so miss my family :)

That's All!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Project deployment

It's been a freaky freaky freaky month...
super busy super stressed...
I'm overly glad to be on morning shift,but...
Few more days, just few more friggin days...

lookie lookie...
See, my eyes are so tired and the eye bags is EWWWWW!

Few more days, just few more friggin days...

That's All!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Korea Garden Restaurant

Before the rise of Korean cult here in Philippines, there's this place called Korea Garden that caters authentic and delicious Korean and Japanese dishes. This restaurant is an expert when it comes to Korean dishes… well no wonder it is more that 3 decades old..... GREAT KOREAN FOOD! GREAT KOREAN FOOD! GREAT KOREAN FOOD! GREAT KOREAN FOOD!

While waiting for order they will give you complimentary banchan (side dishes) which include kimchi, beansprout, friend anchovies, tofu ,egg and small potatoes.
Bokum bop-P80
Bokum mean fried and bop means rice so what do you get a tasty fried rice

Kalbijiim P280
Stewed Beef sparibs is just love

Chicken kui P280
Spicy Chicken barbecue; taste like chicken, also a goodness grace
For Dessert- A slice of sweet small pineapple.
Another freebies from them :)

Except for rice, their servings are good to share =) AJA AJA fight!

That's All!

Korea Garden Restaurant
128 Jupiter St. Bel-Air 2
Makati City

Friday, February 15, 2008

Post Valentine post

Finally, I'm back to working human hours again and in some sort I felt happy even though that there's a strange sensation of jetlag (ha-ha!)

Judgment day will start tomorrow and I am having mixed emotions now...exciting, nervous, bothersome, hysterical… finally, finally project deployment... hopefully it’ll turn out good, otherwise we'll be crying out loud. Arvic, Daiz, Edu and Rex – Let’s celebrate after this =)

Valentine’s Day? I spent it with this two- PC and bed... Yeap, I was working yesterday from 10 pm of the 13th till 3 pm of yesterday and since I was friggin’ tired I was sleeping the whole day and night after... Sorry Belle I wasn't able to follow in Alba...

Oh yeah, I wasn't expecting to receive stuff this V day but sinceI have thoughtful friends...

Thank you!

Albert, I really thought you were joking… It’s just funny you sent the confirmation code with the cost on it…ha-ha! -What’s up? We’ll I’m tired but still shiny as before and feeling old because of your dedication

Beam, don’t worry I will not throw “them” away… and THAT THAT… hahah! I really look sleepy =)

That's All!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy hearts day!

To all of you who come to explore my world:

To those with dates/love ones:

Enjoy connecting with that someone in your life that you love. This is the wonderful day to show them just how much...

To those with none:

HUGS from me (did you feel that?)… I know you wanted one ...LOLz!

Happy Valentine's Day!

or should it be

Happy Singles Awareness day!

That's all!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

L'Incontro Ristorante Italiano

L'Incontro which translates to 'the meeting point', is a restaurant that caters authentic northern Italian cuisine. The atmosphere is very homey; with comfortably low lights and Italian countryside decor... most government ambassadors are brought here. The staffs are attentive and pleasant. The menu is comprehensive, and above all the food is great!

While waiting for orders, they will give you complimentary bread basket with basil and tomato dip.
I always love soup so soup it is...

Mushroom soup - It has a deep mushroom flavor, not too thick, not too thin, distinctive and comforting!

Tomato soup - Not my order though, but the picture itself is a tease - Isn't it?

Seafood with olive oil and garlic(was it?). The pasta is cooked just right and fresh, although I think I kinda miss a little sauce in my pasta that time.
Margarita Pizza- Pizza is good and flavorsome, served in a thin crust but I found it a bit flat(see pix). Well I have to agree with Sakai, the pizza of Cafe Caruso is by far better.
Lastly dessert, another freebies. According to the waiter this is pizza dough cut, fried and topped with powdered sugar.

This is indeed a good date place. Ok, I know what you're thinking - No it's not a date and I'm not being defensive...seriously!

But, to be fair and honest my experienced here was a bit disappointing / terrifying - Here's why? I was enjoying my food and the place until a roach crawled in my friend legs =( So there I was eating in indian sit position and a little paranoid in my surroundings. The waiter wiped-off the roach, apologized and explained that they sprayed pesticide early on and offered complimentary wine but we opt not to drink.

I'm not really sure if they are giving away red rose after dining but I got one...

That's all!

L'Incontro Ristorante Italiano
207 Nicanor Garcia (formerly Reposo) Street
Makati City
+63 2 899 0635

Sunday, February 10, 2008

La Tegola Cucina Italiana

As the name suggest La Tegola Cucina Italiana is an Italian restaurant situated somewhere in Mindanao's city of golden friendship Cagayan de Oro. It offers delectable authentic Italian dishes.

From the outside, it is a house converted into a restaurant.
Pardon me for my pix; I look pretty shy, merely because I am... imagine taking this along the Street. Gosh!
You get a distinguished yet homey feel of Italian resto inside

The menu was well-presented and detailed which added ++ points for me. The food selections listed were to rave for... makes me wanna taste everything...

While waiting, they offered a mouth-watering bruschetta for free...

Here's what we ate that time:

Pizza Quatro Stagioni -PHP270
Tomato, cooked ham, mushroom , herb, salami , olives, mozzarella and thin crust pizza
It is s undoubtedly yummy to its last bite....
Spaghetti al cartoccio- PHP 220
Spaghetti, seafood,tomato sauce, and olive oil wrapped in aluminum foil oven baked for 5 minutes.
Since I don't eat spag we opted to change the pasta into angel hair. Pasta was cooked just the way I like... delicious!

Well... just in case you set foot in CDO, be sure to dine here :) I'll come back here if I have a chance (prolly it'll be long).

Thanks Melvin for recommending this place...

La Tegola Cucina Italina
#89 Juan sia Bldg,Hayes st.
Cagayan de Oro city, Philippines
(088)857-2137 & 8585959

Ahhh, I've heard that their main branch is in Cebu...

That's all!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Persia Grill

I do crave for Persian cuisine, well sometimes...

Anyway here in Makati there's this resto named Persia grill, the place is quite small; per my approximation it can only accommodate 30 pax. It has a couch/bed (?) in the corner, where you can eat while Indian seating. There are some Persian ornaments such as Shisha (not really sure if you can rent it though) and some Persian painting on the wall.

The food is somehow affordable (P150 and up); As the name suggest they served great munch of Persian cuisine such as kebab, Abgousht, chelo, biryani, lamb chop, shawarma … and to those who opt not to eat smelly Persian cuisine they also cater Filipino favorites such as chicken Barbeque and grilled boneless bangus (milk fish). Ugh, just in case, I want to point out their food is somewhat buttery(butter on everything)....

Amazingly for a Persian restaurant it is well ventilated…you will not leave smelling like your food... Good exhaust indeed. Clap clap!

Ohhh... sorry I can't locate the pictures of food... I'll post it next time because I'll definitely go back to this place... as in ;)

Persia Grill, Valero St.
Valero Carpark Valero St. Salcedo Village
Makati City, Metro Manila

That's all!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Nice to know you…

To You,

You are so coward....
I can answer whatever questions you have in me... I’m crystal clear, if only...

I'm making a conscious effort...
Because I care and I thought you are too...
Since I kinda noticed it was wasted....
And I’m obviously bothered...
I'll stop... And won't dwell on …
Nice to know you…

PS: Not really sure if you’ll read this, but anyway POSITIVITY helps… you might wanna try ;-)

Have a good life!


Chinese new year 08'


Good health...
Long life...
Peace of mind...
Worry free life...

That's All!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Butcher's Best Barbeque

Per Francis and Margie's recommendation, Butcher's best barbeque is one of The City of Golden Friendship must try restaurant.

Ambiance is canteen type, you can opt to dine inside the air conditioned room or outside if you want fresh air, but either ways you will smell like smoke food after eating, mainly because they offer variety of grilled food selection.

Menu is just one laminated page and if you can see the price, their food affordable and some are good to share.

Food: Our friends suggested/market two items so we "buy":

Original sisig -chopped and grilled or broiled pig's head) for PHP75

Sinug wOW - Grilled pork belly served with soy sauce and onions. PHP65
Nothing really special about the meal, just so-so. Uhmmm I haven't tried their barbeque though. But with the price of food that is below PHP100 and considering that some are good for sharing.... WHOA! This resto will definitely last long.

Butcher's best Barbeque
#87 Hayes St. Cagayan de Oro,Philippines

That's all

Saturday, February 2, 2008

My wary January 08

How did the 1st month of 2008 treat you?
As for me - It was a collision of heaven and hell, time when I am surrounded by everyone and nobody at the same time.
When my emotional strength and personal belief was put to a test…
When I finally feel like retiring…
When capricious situation started to haunt me and still haunting…
When hullabaloo seems to chase me…

It was neither good nor bad but indisputably full of life

… I’m living!

That's All!

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