Sunday, February 17, 2008

Korea Garden Restaurant

Before the rise of Korean cult here in Philippines, there's this place called Korea Garden that caters authentic and delicious Korean and Japanese dishes. This restaurant is an expert when it comes to Korean dishes… well no wonder it is more that 3 decades old..... GREAT KOREAN FOOD! GREAT KOREAN FOOD! GREAT KOREAN FOOD! GREAT KOREAN FOOD!

While waiting for order they will give you complimentary banchan (side dishes) which include kimchi, beansprout, friend anchovies, tofu ,egg and small potatoes.
Bokum bop-P80
Bokum mean fried and bop means rice so what do you get a tasty fried rice

Kalbijiim P280
Stewed Beef sparibs is just love

Chicken kui P280
Spicy Chicken barbecue; taste like chicken, also a goodness grace
For Dessert- A slice of sweet small pineapple.
Another freebies from them :)

Except for rice, their servings are good to share =) AJA AJA fight!

That's All!

Korea Garden Restaurant
128 Jupiter St. Bel-Air 2
Makati City


Oliboy's Adventures said...

anamaseyo! hahaha! tama ba yun? anyway, my family and i found a great korean resto if you wanna try it! it's Song Do at El Pueblo Ortigas! very authentic! very nice! :)

ALiNe said...

Oliboy- anamaseyo? uhmmm chinese ako hindi korean.. hahah!
Song do? - hmmm matry nga yan minsan , thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

It's annyong haseyo...:) A Korean greeting

Anonymous said...

hay i love korean foods. i tried one authentic korean resto in pasay namen bi won. i think they also have branch in makati. yeah they give you so many banchans and you can also ask for 2nd serving (and its still free)im just wondering bakit kaya puro pinya lang yung desserts nila ala na ibang option

ALiNe said...

hmmm... meron ako kinainan ang desset is fruit salad :D i'm not sure kung ano name kasi walang english name e :P

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