Saturday, May 31, 2008

Apartment 1B

WOW... I can't help but rave about Apartment 1B's delicious food. The place is like a charming loft apartment like with impressive interiors. Ambiance is homey and relaxed;casual yet with a classy feel. As their slogan implies "Gourmet Comfort Food" - It is indeed a place where one can really find comfort food.

On our table:

Baked samosas. P260- With mushroom,spinach and cheese, three of my favorite food in one...woohoo definitely one of the best.
Crab cake salad.P250 - Fresh lump crabmeat hidden in potato strings in mastard sauce and greens... yum!
Grilled Pork Chops.P430 -Homemade applesauce, potato-corn gratin
Poached Salmon.P670 - Ok just look at the picture and be the judge. it is soooooo pink and luscious.

Baby Back Ribs.780
Honey bourbon marinade, potato pancakes, sautéed vegetables

And this .... (________) fill in the blank. Sorry I forgot the name ....for dessert...
White Toblerone Cheesecake. P180.00 - Whoa!- friggin amazing.
And their Flourless Chocolate Cake is soooooooooo..... heavenly!

This place is definitely a must must must try- I super lurve it.
Just in case you guys want to try this out, I strongly suggest that you make reservation. ;-)

That's all!

Apartment 1B
One Lafayette Square
G/F Unit 1-B 132 L.P. Leviste cor. Sedeno St., Salcedo Village, Makati City
(632) 843-4075

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Let me think...

I was laughing at my birthday post last year. Hmmm... a less complicated life? Looking back... my 29th was one heck of complicated. Anyway here it is:

Aging is a funny thing. It's my birthday today.
I'm officially 29 years old, not enough to whine about my age but old enough to worry about whatever.. in fairness , I seem to like myself a little better each year, however how I wish to stop this aging process (without me dead of course).
I can't really do anything about getting older and older and older, But I'll enjoy life anyway =)
Oh my wish? A less complicated life…haha!
No more wishes for 30th... I'll still continue to live, love and learn... be happy...

That's All!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I had lunch in Flapjacks in Greenbelt 2 few weeks back. Flapjacks is a casual restaurant with breakfast concept and is the latest addition to bistro group of companies (Italiannis, TGIF,etc...). Here they serve variety of delicious fluffy pancakes and also all day dishes. The interiors are nice and attractive, the place is pleasant and welcoming... but I just wish that they fix their air conditioning system...

Strawberries and cream pancakes- We got this for free from their promotional coupon, their pancake was thick and yummy.

Chunky tomato soup. P155

Baby back ribs- P575: The ribs was tender but small(ordinary ribs cut in halves). The taste of the ribs was a little bland but it was complemented with its tasty sauce.

In case you're wondering-- flapjacks means pancakes in American Slang.

That's All!

G/F Greenbelt 2, Esperanza St., Ayala Ctr.
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 729-9121

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Galileo Enoteca

A friend of mine recently brought me to an interesting place called Galileo Enoteca in Pasong Tamo, it is a two floors Italian deli restaurant that looks more of an old wine cellar. Oh, Enoteca is an Italian word for wine library, so that explains it; With dark brick walls, dimmed lighting, nice painting off the wall and a wall of wine bottles,hard oak wooden benches and table -- sitting might be tough on the butt but it was tolerable. The setup is really nice, ambiance is very Italian.

Service was great. Our server Mark which by the way is shown in the picture was attentive and knowledgeable, he willingly accommodated our questions and given us free taste/samples of wines and liquors.

Like other Italian restaurant, our dining experience starts off with a free bread basket with pesto and tomato dip, followed by the soup (P60) which by the way I do not recommend.

The eggplant parmigiana (price I forgot.. sorry) had a generous filling of eggplant and was tasty.

The price is quite reasonable- They offer set meal for P500 or less...
It includes a glass of red wine, antipasto (cold cuts + cheese platter) , a choice of pasta and a cup of coffee or tea.

I was intrigued by the red small bottles called sanbitter(P75) , according to our server it comes with 2 types alcoholic and non alcoholic; I tried the non alcoholic one... it taste strange - indeed it is bitter and have some sort of bitter aftertaste. Takes time to actually like it or maybe not ...

Don't leave the place without trying their three-layer chocolate-mint-chocolate gelato cake called after eight. For P120, definitely a must must try.

By the way, this Italian place does not serve pizza.

Galileo Enoteca, Makati
Unit 14 La Fuerza Plaza, #21 Chino Roces Avenue
Makati City, Metro Manila
(632) 817-9118

Galileo Enoteca, Mandaluyong
80 Calbayog St., cor. Malinao St.
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
(632) 534-4633

That's All!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Short hair...

Here's the pix of my latest hairstyle...

That's All!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A quick update...

While in Robinsons Galleria yesterday, I bumped in with my old hair stylist Onde. Apparently he already transferred from F salon in GB3 to fix Galleria... To cut the story short I was convinced to have my hair chopped --- and now it is short. Pix to follow...

I’m feeling weak now… nah, it’s not because of the hair. I’m starting to have colds -must be the weather and the coldness here in my workplace… or maybe because of my age... *wink*

That's All!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Malcolms Place

Malcolm's place is a place worth revisiting.... Nice ambiance , good service....

Left most: Hello pumpkin P110. - Thick pumpkin creamy sauce that compliment with spices...
Mid: Striploin steak -P995 - was huge, tender and soooo beefylicious.
Right most: Wagyu beef salpicao P450-
cooked like our very own adobo, a little salty but it was tasty and yummy-it is best paired with rice.

Left most: wagyu burger - P300 was juicylicious.
Middle: Chicken pesto pasta. P250.
Rightmost- Great "Abs" salad - apple + bacon + honey mustard dressings, taste was a little sweet and a little salty and a hint of sourness... it was weird but it was good.

A great hang out place worth raving....

My previous entry about Malcolm's place:

Click here to avail 10% discount; coupon cared of myfoodtrip

Malcolm's Place
108 H.V. dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 844-0000

That's All!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Travel Café Philippines : Coffee Alamid

Coffee Alamid is world’s rarest and most expensive coffee. It can be found in here (Philippines) and Indonesia which they called Kopi Luwak. The beans came from unusual source -- From Palm civet cat’s droppings or poopies but are filtered, dried and roasted. Hmmm… The fact that it is sniffed out from civet cat ass – will you still want it? Lolz!

In Manila, it is very rare that you'll find alamid coffee in the menus. Travel Cafe Philippines has it. For P220 a cup you can
enjoy the rarest brewed coffee.... Yeah I slurped and enjoyed... And if you are not much of a coffee drinker you can also try their tsokolate with Suman (sweet sticky rice) or with Pandesal (bread) for less than a hundred.

Travel cafe Philippines is a brilliant concept cafe - Of course, they cater Filipino/native cuisines which I have yet to try. Cafe interior is very nice, earth colors as their motif; an ethnic music in the background; with flat screen TV’s that shows Philippine travel destination. Department of tourism as one of their partners, and with other branches outside the Philippines - it'll surely be a click to promote our tourism. By the way they also have brochures and a mini counter where you can book your destination... Isn't it great?

That's All!

Travel Café Philippines
2nd flr Greenbelt 5,
Ayala Center, Makati City.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cielo Salon

I will be a year older and hopefully a year wiser on Saturday... Geesshh... I'm waving goodbye to the 20's... OH NO! - Anyway I'm not putting much drama =)

I've got my 1st birthday present last friday from Cielo - A free hair Spa treatment for my birthday month.... Weee! I know, I know I look like an alien on the first picture... :D And I'm with Rommel (No, he's not my stylist) on the 2nd pix -he just get his hair chopped ;-).

Like any other salon, Cielo offers haircut, perm, rebonding, waxing, nail service and etc; it is the only salon here with WiFi access- how is that?

We've got to meet and have a little chitchat with Cielo (the owner). She told us that soon it'll be a beauty stop which include dental cosmetic and likes.... Lets see...

A chop would cost prolly around P500 to 1000++ - The price may appear a little pricey, but the for quality of service I think it's worth a visit/revisit.

Oh do you want to give me a present? really???? Send it to my office... Lolz! btw late gift is accepted. Cheers!

That's All!

GF Tower 1, The columns,
6821 Ayala Ave. Cor Sen Gil Puyat Ave. Makati, city

(632) 901-3606.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dental and orthodontic recommendation

Teeth play a vital role in our life, it is use for chewing, biting, ripping, pronouncing words correctly and lastly it gives us confidence.

The less care we give to our teeth, the faster it gets worse...

White teeth are not equal to healthy teeth but whiter teeth make us more attractive and appealing...Really!

Enough lectures! Peoples have been asking me for dental and orthodontic recommendation lately... so here I am recommending a very good dentist.

Personally, I’ve got a great service from Dr. Glenn when I was on bleaching treatment :)

Call him and make an appointment, do mention that you are a friend of mine… He can possibly give you discount/ good deal.

Dr Glenn

GS Latorre Dental Clinics
Orthodontic and Implant dentistry
Rm 201 Krisambet Bldg.
1015 Zobel Roxas St. Malate, Manila
(632) 522-1790

1308 Hon. Capinpin cor. Hon Apolinario Sts.
Bangkal, Makati City

That's All!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cuillère : Serendra

Cuillère is a spoon in French lingo and is a brasserie in Serendra. From wiki a brasserie is a café doubling as a restaurant with a relaxed setting, which serves single dishes and other meals.

Cuillère is a small eating place with a bistro like ambiance- has a colorful interiors, dim lighting - which I think is a nice place for dating or small gathering or simply if you want time alone. They offer extensive and well written menu.

Complimentary bread served together with herbed butter was given to set our moods while waiting for our food. Bread is freshly baked and well complimented with the butter filling.

For our appetizer: Moules Frites.P195.00
Mussels steamed in white wine sauce is simply yummy - not fishy.

To warm me up I ordered for Soupe a l'Oigno P225.00.
Kudos for their French onion soup, Gruyère cheese gratin is very chewy and the herbs in these soup are so flavorful.I ordered for Epaule d'Agneau (grilled lamb on top of ratatouille). P595.
Whoa! The grilled lamb was huge, tender and juicy; Ratatouille is a french stewed veggies which key ingredients is tomato, see it is not just a movie ;) Gambas thermidor in risotto.P495
The serving was disappointing - Just one prawn divided in to 2 that was it; but it looks good beside risotto is a bit filling right?
Filet de Bœuf, Sauce Fromage Bleu.P545
(Tenderloin Steak with Blue Cheese Sauce)
Compared to my lamb steak, this is way too small. But Aubrey seems to enjoy every chew of it. It is served with spinach and artichokes

Fish with Potato Swirls.P445
Geesshh we were so full but still tried their dessert...

Carabao's Milk Creme Brulee.P95- was so creamilicious.

also, Gaufres Banana. P195.
Banana nutella waffle topped with arce dairy ice cream.
Honestly, I've got no room for this already, I only ate one sliced of banana and it was indeed a banana...haha! Lookie, Aubrey seemed to be enjoying the dessert;or was it because of Tere..Sweet!

To summarize, a spoonful treat of comfort food can be found in Cuillère; a little expensive though ;-)

Cuillère, Serendra
Bonifacio High Street, The Fort
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(02) 856-3325

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Your turn : a repost

Happy Mothers day to all Mom readers and Happy Mothers to your Mama...

I was passing through my old posts in live journal and I want to repost this entry here in blogspot...

I am flattered how some people visit my site even when I haven't posted anything.
I'm really pre-occupied at times, but there are many occasion where I really don't feel like writing. I hope you guys are not disappointed, but I appreciate you checking on this site.. Or maybe I wanted to be missed sometimes.. haha!

More often my entries are open for public viewing, except for my private post of course, which is open for friends here in LJ or sometimes just open only for my eyes. I am aware that there are numbers of anonymous readers because of those anonymous commenters and with the help of sitemeter.

Anyway the reason why I’m saying this is to thank you from the bottom of my HEART. And yes I wanted to know more about you guys.

Are you my reader? Can you introduce and give a lil some details about yourself using the comment tab in this post pretty please!

That's All!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Royce Chocolate staff

I'm no sweet tooth but I'm loving Royce chocolate staff from Japan. It has a rich chocolate that comes with nice and luxurious package.

Chocolate staff instantly melts in your mouth like that of truffles. The price is pretty much cheaper than that of Godiva and Leonidas but the quality is almost the same.

The cost is around P350 est. I'm not really sure if it is available in Philippines though... So to those of you who are in Japan and soon be in Manila... Bring me one :D

Here's their page:

XS: Thanks to Mau for this ;)

That's All!

Friday, May 9, 2008

HK Disney land Pyro display

Just sharing...

This I took during the fireworks display in Hong Kong disney land.

Unbelievable sight indescribable feeling...


That's All!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gasthof Boracay Restaurant

Gasthof is a beachfront restaurant in Boracay, is on top of my “to eat place” in Borcay. It serves continental and Filipino favorite and is most famous for their baby back ribs.

Their most famous baby back ribs are marinated in special sweet and spicy sauce; is extremely yummy; tender juicy that it easily slides off the bone- A full order would cost around P550 (around 6 ribs).

We’ve also tried their version of laing - A Filipino cuisine which main ingredient is taro (gabi) leaves cooked in coconut milk spiced with red hot chilis. Their version of laing is not so spicy, it cost around P200.

Oh, their crabs, prawns, grilled tuna is also to drool for. I've got no pix since it was a memory from my last year visit... lalala lalalala

My only rant: Fresh buko juice for P200... haller?!? It is not even chilled.

Gasthof Boracay Restaurant
Boracay D'Mall,station 2

That's All!

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