Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 wrapping up...

With 2008 wrapping up rather quickly, I can't help but reflect on the past...

2008 was a little shaky for all of us in terms of economy and political instability, on a personal note, the 1st few months was a bit bumpy but the following months was rewarding.... I am humbled to say that it has been a year of growth for me as well...

I want to say a huge "thank you " :
To Phil who's been my inspiration... To my ever valuable family and friends - love prevails to all of us... I love you all as always...

And to you, who's reading this post right now, thank you once again for entrusting your time.

I can honestly say that I am more excited to 2009.

Cheers to everyone, have a happy new year!

That's all!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I'm sorry if I haven't been in the scene for quite some time now...
Been really busy...
While I am 7000+ miles away from home....

I want to greet every one a happy Christmas.

PS. Will post pix soon...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Your thoughts show

This was by our HR director... Make sense :)

Your thoughts show
Thoughts can feel like they are private and hidden deep inside of you. Yet they have an influence that extends far beyond you.

What if others could know what you were thinking? Would it change the content of your thoughts? In many ways, other people can and do know what you are thinking. Because your thoughts are faithfully expressed by the life you lead.

If you're constantly thinking negative, limiting thoughts, people will be able to tell just by looking at you and your life's conditions. In the same way, when you fill your mind with positive, empowering thoughts, that will be wonderfully obvious.

You might be able to hide the specific details of your thoughts. Yet you cannot hide the true nature of those thoughts. Your thoughts, whatever they may be, are expressed in every aspect of your life. Continually guide those thoughts to positive places, and your whole world will follow.

--- Ralph Marston

Just Sharing ;) That's all!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kenny's roast & grill

Kenny's roast and grill is the newest resto in Powerplant mall; the 1st question I asked before dining was if it’s the same as Kenny Rogers’s roaster. Alas! It is but the concept is different.

The ambiance is classy, sophisticated and is very inviting that's why we were magnetized into eating there... Oh, also the thought of "fast food" was on our mind.

Anywoo, unlike other Kenny Rogers chain, you don't have to line up; a menu will be presented as soon as you sit. And the famous corn muffin is now being served as a freebies and is now flat and being called corn bread, it looks like this now:

I ordered for classic chicken platter (if I remember it correctly) est. @ P250, it consists of 1/4 chicken, herbed mashed potato and veggies. Oooopss, I apologize for not taking picture of our main course, we waited for more than 25 minutes for our food to arrive and we only got less than 20 minutes to eat our meal since we have to catch twilight. Well, basically the classic wood-fire roasted Kenny chicken taste exactly the same, the mashed potato taste much better because of the herbed mixture now and the veggies consist of two piece small asparagus, a sliced of tomato and slices of cucumber.

My verdict, the price is a little expensive, the waiting time is long, and the service is just ok. Shall I come back??? I guess not here, I'll go to Kenny Rogers’s roaster instead... In my opinion their old concept is much better.

Kenny's roast & grill
Concourse Lvl.,
Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Drive cor. Estrella St.
Makati City

That's All!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Manila's sunset

As early as 4:30 pm the sun starts to set. This was taken yesterday in our office...
Simply amazing...

That's all!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Smiley moon...

Last Monday night here in Manila, the sky is smiling at us....
Two planets (Venus and Jupiter) below the crescent moon forming a smiley....
To those who missed to see the wonderful sight - this is the photo I took that night, pardon my amateur shot but this is how it look like :)

That's All!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A priceless moment...

I'm not a flower person( I guess for practical reasons) but the moment is just priceless...
Thanks boyfriend... I am touched :) *apir*

Anyway, to keep this post a little informative,I am sharing the different meaning of flower color... :D

Yellow - Happiness, Enthusiasm, Friendship, Jealousy, Treachery, Pride, Success and Luxury
Orange - Satisfaction of attaining success and strengthened love
Violet - Hope, Generosity, Faithfulness, Modesty, Passion, Humility
Red - Passion, Love, Admiration, Courage, Desire, Constancy, Youth, Respect
Green - Feeling of joy and optimism
White - Pious, Purity, Heavenly, Sincere feeling, Innocence, Silence
Lavender - Feminism, Grace, elegance
Pink - Delicate, Grace, Gentle, Confidence, Admiration

That's All!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The plan was simple....

EITHER I go to gym OR go to SPA after work... but I ended up having dinner at new bombay and then went straight home ... eeeekk!

Right now I can hear some children's singing christmas carols outside :D
Time goes by quickly, it's December...
December spells christmas spells traffic spells expenses :D
Also spells... LOVE... *nosebleed* haha!

I went to Divisoria with my mom and aunt yesterday... It was horribly exhausting and extremely crowded... I ended buying nothing because I was to dizzy... lol!


For some reason, some people are making me feel terrible... reads... schadenfreude (is pleasure taken from observing the misery of another) but at the end of the day are you really delighted?

That's all!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I've been to hooters 2 times already, these pictures was taken 3rd week after they opened.... I've made several attempt to write a post about hooters but I can't find the right words... Anyway hooters is well known for their chic and chix wings... Manila's version of hooter chicken wings is a little greasy and the chic.... Uhmmmm they're sexy, yes! They dance and play :D
...but might come back for the chix wings instead :D Oh, beer is not that pricey
Here are some pix, and in case you want to see their menu, just click here.

That's All!
(0918) 943-0548
San Miguel by the Bay
Bldg. D Unit 1-6 San Miguel by the Bay, SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City, Metro Manila

Monday, November 24, 2008

Big bag...

Just for fun...
Caption this:
That's All!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Finger lickin' good ?

On the way home a foreign(American) girl handed me leaflet on how KFC's do their chicken...

Yuh, I did watched the video presented in their site and the process on how they kill chicken was indeed cruel... but I don't want to go vegetarian, I love meat and I love KFCs chicken (with gravy) and in my opinion it shouldn't be close... maybe KFC needs to have new strategy on how to kill chickens (what the hey!)

Anyway if you are interested to watch their video and join their petition against Kentucky fried chicken... visit kentucky fried cruelty.

That's All!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New super Mario bros. World 4

I'm such a super Mario bros. fan ever since family computer days…

I’ve been playing new super Mario bros. in Nintendo DS-Lite continually; I’ve already defeated Bowser (the last stage boss) before but skipped world 4… Finally, after months of trying, I've opened world 4… YEEPEE!

Well, new super Mario bros. is available for Nintendo DS, the game play is very much like those old super Mario bros. games but with a little twist... Here, Super Mario can get from really huge and really tiny....

Oh, special thanks to Cza and my sister (meme) and also Anabelly for lending me their DS-lite. =)

Anyhoo, stop reading this post if you knew the trick or if you’re not interested…

How to get to world 4 in Super Mario Bro?

Answer: Get to the end of world 2 and then get a "mini"shroom; defeat Pokey, the boss while in mini mode and then you'll reach world 4.

Lest, you’re wondering how to defeat a character in mini-mode- Just jump on and press down (Thanks belly for the tip).

That's All!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BOK76 to Launch Debut Album

I'm not a rock fan, but here I am supporting a friend =)

BOK76 to Launch Debut Album

Another great addition to the Philippine rock scene will be revealed as alternative rock n roll independent band BOK76 launches their highly anticipated debut album "Revelations" at Club Dredd, Eastwood City, Libis on Nov 28, Friday. The Album is comprised of 12 tracks which include their newest single
"Sa Panaginip".

BOK76 (a.k.a Bonded on Kinship) has been in the music scene for quite sometime now and has released several singles and music videos, highlighted by the hits "Traydor" and "Last Kiss" which have garnered positive response from a significant fraction of today's listening public.

The band, which is composed of Erwin Bautista (vocals), Donini Montealegre (guitars/vocals), Jay Castelo (drums/percussion), Owee Nicolas/Nino Paz (bass) and Elwynn Dayrit (guitars), has been continuously playing in various bars in the Metro including big events such as the TANDUAY Rhum on the Rock, MYX MO, and Summer MYX Fest.

According to the band, "Revelations" is the appropriate title for the album since this will be their time to "reveal" their music to world. Mixed and mastered by Shinji "Ilabas mo na ang helicopter" Tanaka, the guitar-driven tracks and a mixture of both poetic and clich_ lyrics, drawn from everyday experiences and emotions, are what stand out the most in the album.

In the launch, the band will be performing most of the songs in the album plus some of their favorite covers in an hour and a half's set of pure pinoy alternative rock n roll. To make the event more exciting, the band has invited some of their friends in the industry to play in this significant occasion, which was made possible by Red Horse Beer; Home of Nu Rock NU107;; MYX Phils.; and RJ Underground Radio 105.9.


That's All!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Grade One

Funny how time flies...
Need I say more?

That's All!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ants bite

I'm planning to wake up late today because I have a graveyard meeting,
But I woke up friggin' early because of ants.
Ouchie.... Itchy.... Scratch!!!
I just hate those mean little stingers.... Their bites really hurt!

I know they have purpose in these world? But I haven't figured it yet... for now I think they are created to irritate people with their bites?

Errrr. Am I that sweet? harhar!

That's all!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

on dry eyes...

Lately, I noticed that my eyes were drying up whenever I lack sleep or tired, the gritty feeling in my eyes is irritating. I wonder if age is a factor, or maybe a side effect of shifting schedule -- To those who didn't knew, I used to work on a shifting schedule for 3++ years and normally had 2-3 hours shift when I was doing night shift.

Perhaps, I should be wearing my glasses... but my vision is only 25-20.

Anyhoo, boyfriend once told me that yawning would help- yeah it does help however, the yawn has to be real ... I tried forcing my self to yawn and I think I look stupid faking it... imagine yawning without really yawning... mwehehe!

Eye drops does help to soothe my eyes but just for few minutes... In my opinion, just like migraine the best remedy for this .reads. "GOOD REST"…

Hmmm, or maybe a little crying would help…. I used to be a cry baby, but I can’t seem to sob now… Why? :)

That’s all!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Starbucks Red cups & 2009 planner

Presenting my previous Starbucks planner... I've been a follower of Starbucks tradition, collecting stickers in exchange of these nice and usable planner.... See I have it all since 2005 where they started the tradition...

And for 2009....
Yes, there are 3 colors to choose from and lesser stickers(15 stickies) in order to have it...
But it's rubbish... I'm not persistent to collect one

Anyhoo, good thing - Toffee nut latte is back! Cheers!

That's All!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Iloilo & Guimaras

Last 2 weekend ago, I together with my friends went to Iloilo city; I was a little clueless about what to do there and since I haven’t been there, I let myself be tugged :) Honestly our stay in Iloilo was pretty much tedious; the only thing we enjoyed in Iloilo was their airport which is nice and the food; Our 1st day was really really long plus the famous Jaro church is under construction that time... good thing we found out that Guimaras Island is 15 mins away from the city and less than an hour to go to the beach.

2nd day was pretty much appreciated because of Guimaras Island, the beach in Alubihod is nice and clean, they have white sand but it is a little crowded (maybe because it’s Sunday). Food here is pretty cheap, we ate lobster for lunch which costs us P700 +P50 cooking charge for (3 lobsters) and then a plastic bag full of oyster for P100. Then we went Island hoping which we experienced serenity… Baras cave is breathtaking, we went in the cave and then swim in there, and oh I have to a scary but funny experience when I slid and rolled in cave rocks…. Tsktsk I almost died… the rocks are really slippery… but the scenery is still very soothing… After that cave we were thinking that the next stop will be a let down but we were wrong, the boatman brought us in a private island, if I can remember it correctly it was called Atago, upon the permission of its caretaker we were allowed to tour the place… The scenery here is calming... lookie:

Too bad we don't have enough time to explore the other island since we need to go back to Iloilo for our flight back to Manila... but at least our weekend gate away was worth it ;)

That's all!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kabisera ng Dencio’s

Oh my goolai!!! I am suddenly craving for this:

Kilawing Salmon.P295 - Salmon fish cube fillet cooked kilawin(to cook in vinegar) style. Well it's not really cook cook since it does not involved heating, its more of salmon sahimi in spicy vinegar. And is available in Kabisera at the fort high street.

Kabisera is a high-end version of Dencio's and serve Filipino dsih with a twist. I know I know I should give more details to this post but I'm really am drooling... shocks! Anyhoo good Pinoy food are to be found here in Kabisera, estimate cost per pax is P500.

That's All!

Kabisera ng Dencio's
B3- G/F Bonifcaio High Streets
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(02) 856-5543

Monday, November 3, 2008

Earn money online

Hmmm... Not sure how this work but this might give me extra money like a friend of a friend who earned 900USD from this...

Well I literally copied this from Belly...

"My HS schoolmate emailed me about this site which pays you for every ad clicked. Cool eh? No cash outlay is needed but don't expect a alot from it either. It's called GPT or "Get-2-paid" program. Here's how it works.."

Step 1

1) Just like any other website, you have to sign up first by going to:

2. Click Personal Account

3. Click the 'Sign Up Now' button.

4. Choose your Country

5. Choose the Account Type. Under Personal Accounts, click the Personal Starter and then click the 'Next' button

6. Fill out the 'Account Owner Contact Information'

If it asked you this question - Will any transaction and/or action of this new account be directed by some individual or entity other than you (i.e. a Third Party)? Select 'No'.

When you are done, set aside and proceed to STEP 2. It's okay if your Alert Pay account is still not unverified. It's optional.

Step 2:

Now, once you have signed up in Alert Pay, we can now start with the program:

You can register by clicking the link below:

When you're done, just simply log-in your account


Then, click on the 'View Ads' tab beside 'My Account'. Since you are a new user, it will prompt you to verify your age by letting you fill out your birth date.


You will see the links listed below, click one AD at a time. Each AD will be displayed to you for 20 seconds. Please make sure that you will only click one AD at time, as the other AD fee will not be credited to your acccount.

Wait for the 20 seconds timer to expire. You can also minimize the window if you wish to surf other web pages. When it expires, you will see 'DONE' on top of your browser with a green check. This means that, your account has been credited for viewing the page.


Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you finish clicking the ADS listed.


Once you have finished clicking all the sites, you can verify if your earnings have been credit by clicking th 'My Account' tab. Your earnings will be reflected on the 'Balance' portion of your Account Status.

Your account should accumulate $10.00 for you to be able to cash out.


To multiply your earnings, you need to CLICK EVERY DAY and REFER EVERY DAY (although not required).

NOTE: You do not need to be a PREMIUM member to receive a check payment. Even FREE members are eligible to redeem their earnings.

I have just signed up today so if you ask me, I haven't really earned anything yet(but I saw my friend's earnings). I am soo tempted to proceed to Step 3 but it says that once you started it, there's no way to stop the ads from popping(or something like that) so do not do it in your workplace okay?!

Here's what your potential earnings would be:

$.0050 per ad x 50 = $.25 earnings per day (without referral)$.0025 per ad when your referral also click the ads.$.0025 x 50 = $.125/day (just from your referral)

If you have 10 referrals you will earn $1.25/day from them

Let's say a lot of your friends signed up also. For example you got 20 referrals or 30? or 100?

It's up to you to compute.

The minimum payout in this program is $10.00. It's so easy to earn.especially if you have at least 4 or more referrals already.

What are you waiting for!!! SIGN UP!!! It's all FREE!!!

It ain't a lot but still better than nothin'. ;p Patience is a must!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Purple Feet

In Italy, it is believe that ancient method makes the best wine. Ancient method READS treading the grapes with bare feet until the juice is squeezed out and you'll have a purple feet, so, if you're cynical about dining in a place with "feet" on its name then better wipe it off...

Purple feet is inside wine depot in N. Garcia/Reposo, and offer “freestyle cooking”. The restaurant itself is situated at the end of those wine cellars (be careful not to break those bottles while you walk to the resto), before Lighting here is subdued which give the place a sheltered feel. It also has a small garden which you can also dine Italian style.
There is no actual menu here; their common to diverse ingredient is written on a black chalk board. Since this resto offers choose your own adventure type of cooking I am unsure of its consistency but our main dish is good.
Oh I have to mention their lack of drink list, yeah you can buy wine in wine depot and drink it while you eat, also the server can also suggest a wine that matches you dish but they don’t serve regular water nevertheless if you really want water you have no choice, but to buy a bottle of San Vittoria mineral water is available for P150.

For appetizer we ordered for stuffed mushroom for P300, topped with cheese,has tomato based sauce, is yummy and filling.

Salad with fresh greens, fruits, nuts and shrimp for P315.
Our main dish is the fish cobbler P400, our server suggests for crusted fish but we opt for mediterranean style. P400, our fresh cooked fish is served on top of risotto with veggies, olives and caper; the serving is good for one but can also be for two. We asked for their chili-sauce which by the way is homemade and is astounding (made our dish more palatable).

Oh, they also have a coffee shop named Vittoria’s Coffee; I thought it was Italian coffee but it is premier Australian brew, I haven’t tasted it yet… next time!

If you want to dine here, I suggest you made a reservation since the place is limited only for 30-40 people.

That's All!

Purple Feet
Inside Wine depot
217 Nicanor Garcia (formerly Reposo)
Bel-Air, Makati City
(632)8973220)/ (632)8978167

Monday, October 27, 2008

Wasabi Bistro

Wasabi is popular condiment in Japanese restaurant; it is also known as Japanese horseradish that has a strong spicy flavor, hotness that mostly producing vapor that irritates the nasal passages more than the tongue.

Anyway I'm not here to write about wasabi as a condiment but as a food place. Yes there's a place here in Makati named Wasabi bistro and yes they serve Japanese cuisines.

Ambiance is right for a little romance, it has a sushi bar in the middle, has dimmed lights and modern minimalist Japanese interiors. Menu is pretty extensive; click here if you want to see their food list.

Uhmmm… actually this post is long overdue, (prolly 5 months already) so I can't really remember much details now, having said that I'll let the picture describe the meal :p Well, as far as I can remember the food is really scrumptious. Cost is mid-range, around P350-500 per head. They also offer lunch buffet (from 11:30 AM-2:30 PM) for P730/pax (tax inclusive) but only during Sundays...

That's All!

Wasabi Bistro
The Olympia Bldg. (near Manila Penn)
7912 Makati Ave. cor. Santo Tomas St. Makati
Phone Number: 840-4223, 752-0632

Friday, October 24, 2008

Dinos Alive World Tour

Nope, this is not another foodie blog post; Someone asked me for a help, and since I really found the theme park interesting , here I am publishing it... oh, I will not bother to re-word the document they have sent but rather will add-on some photos (also sent via email). My nieces will surely enjoy this… plus it's educational. Mark the date: November 28, 2008 to January 11 2009 @ Block 5 of SM MALL OF ASIA.


This 2008, we will be astounded by a visit from the past. Dinosaurs will soon walk back to land and set foot in the Philippines. Dinos Alive! World Tour is set to bring adventure of a lifetime to the Filipino people through these creatures.

The Dinos alive tour is a traveling exhibit which adopts a themed - park environment. An authentic prehistoric recreation of the Jurassic period will display more than 30 life-size robotic dinosaurs including a spectacular 30 feet T-Rex. The place will be set-up to enhance the visitors experience of going back to time wherein these creatures roam the earth with specially designed sound and lighting effects.

Visitors will also be able to interact with these moving creatures and enjoy other fun and entertaining activities. Kids and grown ups can enjoy in fossil hunting, games, quizzes, rock climbing, a dino inflated playland and more.

Food and drinks will be available for hungry stomachs in a dino-inspired café. There will be retail stores as well selling dinosaur-themed merchandises like T-shirts and toys visitors can carry as souvenirs or bring home to friends and family. You can also have time to capture dino moments with the photo booth set - up inside and together with your dinosaur of choice.

Join the fun of Dinos Alive World Tour here in Manila with your family and friends. Have the kids enjoy a world of discovery and learning. And take time to bond with all the activities offered.

The ‘Dinos Alive World Tour - Manila will be set up next to the SM Mall of Asia from 28th November to 11th January, 10am-10pm on weekends and 12pm-10pm on weekdays. Tickets are available for purchase from Ticket World by calling 891-9999 or online at Ticket prices for adults are Php 600, kids below a meter are Php 450 and the family package costs Php 1,750 (2 adults+2 kids+1 free ticket).


That's All!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dong Bei Dumpling

My sister who works in Binondo brought my mom to a place called Dong Bei dumpling, and my mom introduced it to me swearing that they serve delicious dumplings... so there we went all the way to Binondo ;)

Dong in chinese vocabulary means North and Bei means East, so Dong Bei in translation means Northeast; according to mama the owner is Taiwanese so I'm assuming that Taiwan is in Northeast asia ;-p

Anyway, Dong Bei Dumpling is a mini restaurant that has four, four seater tables. Menu is written in a cartolina posted on their wall.... They serve the best tasting dumplings in town...
As you enter the place you can see their staff making dumpling... rolling pin to make wraps and then stuffing it with kuchay or pork.14 pieces Dumpling stuffing (chives,celery,cabbage,bellpepper,pork,vegetarian) cost P100, can be steamed or fried....

Since I was craving for noodles that time and wanting to try their dumplings... I then ordered for Dumpling noodle soup. For P100, they served handmade noodles with 10 pieces freshly made dumplings... I personally asked for 5 kuchay dumplings and 5 pork dumplings to be included in my meal..... The dumplings was indeed delicious, soft and tasty plus it is perfect when dipped in their special sauce (garlic, vinegar,soysauce); the noodle itself was also good but my combination makes the soup a bit tasteless, but the chili sauce and their special sauce helped me enjoy my soup....

That's all!

Dong Bei Dumpling Restaurant
642 Yuchengco St (formerly Nueva) cor Orientele St.
Binondo, Manila

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Healthy Kitchen

What we eat affects our health and performance... Amen to that! But I'm honestly not a healthy eater...err I don't really count my calories intake and I eat what I craved... Well for me, right now, I can say that all food is healthy... lol!

Ironically, sometimes when you’re fat it connotes healthy, but most of the time healthy when you’re lean. Blurrrrrrrrrr …haha! Well there are many factor, I’m not sure if you’ll agree with me but healthy lay emphasis on absence of disease. Uhmmmm… Ok, I’ll not fret over “healthy” definition, beside this post is not really to find its delineation…

In Serendra, a restaurant named Healthy kitchen offers proper variety of nutritious meal ; judging from their menu, the best way to describe healthy here is “less-fattening food” or "organic", such food are salad, wheat wraps, brown rice and likes. The server is attentive and welcome customer with smile/greetings. Ambiance is homey and relaxed.

Soup of the day. P95- A very delicous hot mushroom soup was served that day, it was placed in a medium size bowl with rich but not too creamy bisque with minced mushroom.
Lory's Pizza .P250.00 - A thinly crusted whole wheat pizza, made with turkey bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes in an Alfredo sauce and topped with organic fresh mozzarella. The serving is small like that of ordinary queszodilla but is truly satisfying...
Chicken Mango Wrap.P275.00- Grilled chicken breast, fresh ripe mangoes, sprouts, Romaine wrapped in a choice of spinach, jalapeno, cheddar or sun dried tomato wraps. Served with wasabi mayo on the side; In my opinion this dish is a little bland, wasabi mayo gives the flavor to this meal..Oh, it is also served with a choice of potato, carrot or pasta salad.

Hmmmm .... I'm trying to think healthy, but the tender juicy steak rules in my head today.... yikes!!!

That's All!

Healthy Kitchen
141 C Serendra Place, Bonifacio High Street, Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(632) 900-6514

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Uh huh...

If you're regulars of this blog, you'll noticed that I haven't been posting lately... and I'm sorry; but if you knew me, you'll understand...Yup, this is not another food blog entry....

Nah- I haven't quit food tripping, in fact there's so much food places I wanna share but, but I've been really lazeeeeee to write about something and my system is really sluggish ish ish... lol! Well I 've finally got to enroll to gym again( after a year), maybe this is what I need- endorphin boost to bring back my stamina or maybe I'm just getting wiser .read. OLD ...haha!

Well right now I've been surrounded with positive forces... woohoo! Thank you Lord!

P.S.: A hand written letter made my day today... Cheers!

That's all!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Best Day Ever...

A new day has dawned. And with it, countless new positive possibilities have been born.
Certainly there are difficulties and obstacles in your life and in your world.
Yet they are always outnumbered by your blessings.
Focus today on those blessings.
Give your attention and your awareness to what's right with life.
Those who wish to control you and to take advantage of you will seek to fill your thoughts with fear and discouragement.
Yet there is really no reason for you to be fearful or discouraged.
For life is not what someone tells you it will be.
Life is precisely what you make it.
By focusing on the good things, on the positive possibilities, on your blessings and opportunities, you can make life truly magnificent.
A new day has dawned, and you can choose to make it the best day ever.

-- Ralph Marston

Just sharing... That's All!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Recipes by Café Metro

I can't believe I haven't blogged about Recipes yet... From time to time, my friends and I craving over "recipes". The place is casual and cheerful; Like you are just dining in your own home but with gathering (haha). I can remember those times where we were there almost every week and enjoying same variety of food.

Gising gising. p135. - Our all time favorite... This dish is spicy and is truly addictive; with chopped beans cooked to perfaction in coconut milk. OMG! thinking of its description, makes me drool...

General Chicken.P175- Another favorite of ours, greatly marinated chicken sauteed with eggplant, taste a little sweet and is flavorful; Chicken is cripy yet tender juicy... I must be hungry now... I'm drooling over this dish too :(

Hmmm.. I'm not sure if its good now, but I can't seem to find the picture of their crispy tilapia.P175, anyway it also one of our favorite and is delicious as well...

Food servings are good for two =)

That's All!

Recipes by Café Metro

Greenbelt 3
(02) 728-0917 or 20

Alabang Town Center
(02) 772-2216

(02) 901-3686

(02) 687-0177

Eastwood City Walk 2
(02) 687-4525

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm so pissed with nso

Last Thursday I called NSO helpline requesting for my birth certificate delivery...
I paid P330 last Friday thru Metro bank...
And today I got my NSO certified birth certificate...

Sure it was fast, I was giddily excited to open the package and see my birth certificate and compare the yellow sheet with the old one…. But what the hey #?!$%@ - I have no name in my birth certificate... sad

So I called them up again, and they mentioned that I need to file a supplemental in my birthplace municipality because it was the information sent to them

Goshhhhhhhh... Are those people really not eligible to check the conciseness of certificate? Most especially the NAME…. HALLER??? After all, the first thing they would ask you is when you called is your complete name and birth date… PUNKS!

Maybe its just my case...
NSO Helpline-(632) 7371111

That's all!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


One rainy Saturday we (Tri and Jov) decided to have lunch in one of the newest resto in Greenbelt 3 named Marciano, according to Tri it is owned by actor Marvin Agustin; Marciano is a very stylish restaurant that serves Italian-American cuisine. Ambiance looks contemporary, maybe because of dimmed lights and chandeliers and of course the curtains, but is not that formal.

Freebies: Long and thinly sliced crunchy crackers served in a cocktail glass with three kinds of dips.

For appetizer, we ordered for puffed mozzarella stick with smoked pomodoro and prosciutto for P299 - Hmmm, it taste like pizza hut's chessy stuffed crust, as in!

Rockefeller Angus. P308. Angus beef, spinach, onion and mozzarella. The pizza was just ok, It is a little chewy and a little crispy, but I might order different flavor next time... Well, frankly , the reason why we ordered this because it sounds cool... lol
Madison Avenue Sausage and Pepper pasta. P298. Normally the pasta they serve for this is Spag or linguine, obviously we changed the pasta to something else since I don't eat spag and Tri is not a big fan either... anyhow the pasta servings is huge, needless to say that it can be shared by 3-4 pax but, but you have to eat other dish. :D
Overall, the place is a nice hangout place with sophisticated ambiance and satisfactory service... Food wise? uhmmm lets just talk about the ambiance :p, maybe I'll try their other dish(hmmmm steak!) next time...

That's All!

Greenbelt 3 2nd Level, Ayala Center
Ayala Center
Makati City

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