Thursday, October 30, 2008

Purple Feet

In Italy, it is believe that ancient method makes the best wine. Ancient method READS treading the grapes with bare feet until the juice is squeezed out and you'll have a purple feet, so, if you're cynical about dining in a place with "feet" on its name then better wipe it off...

Purple feet is inside wine depot in N. Garcia/Reposo, and offer “freestyle cooking”. The restaurant itself is situated at the end of those wine cellars (be careful not to break those bottles while you walk to the resto), before Lighting here is subdued which give the place a sheltered feel. It also has a small garden which you can also dine Italian style.
There is no actual menu here; their common to diverse ingredient is written on a black chalk board. Since this resto offers choose your own adventure type of cooking I am unsure of its consistency but our main dish is good.
Oh I have to mention their lack of drink list, yeah you can buy wine in wine depot and drink it while you eat, also the server can also suggest a wine that matches you dish but they don’t serve regular water nevertheless if you really want water you have no choice, but to buy a bottle of San Vittoria mineral water is available for P150.

For appetizer we ordered for stuffed mushroom for P300, topped with cheese,has tomato based sauce, is yummy and filling.

Salad with fresh greens, fruits, nuts and shrimp for P315.
Our main dish is the fish cobbler P400, our server suggests for crusted fish but we opt for mediterranean style. P400, our fresh cooked fish is served on top of risotto with veggies, olives and caper; the serving is good for one but can also be for two. We asked for their chili-sauce which by the way is homemade and is astounding (made our dish more palatable).

Oh, they also have a coffee shop named Vittoria’s Coffee; I thought it was Italian coffee but it is premier Australian brew, I haven’t tasted it yet… next time!

If you want to dine here, I suggest you made a reservation since the place is limited only for 30-40 people.

That's All!

Purple Feet
Inside Wine depot
217 Nicanor Garcia (formerly Reposo)
Bel-Air, Makati City
(632)8973220)/ (632)8978167

Monday, October 27, 2008

Wasabi Bistro

Wasabi is popular condiment in Japanese restaurant; it is also known as Japanese horseradish that has a strong spicy flavor, hotness that mostly producing vapor that irritates the nasal passages more than the tongue.

Anyway I'm not here to write about wasabi as a condiment but as a food place. Yes there's a place here in Makati named Wasabi bistro and yes they serve Japanese cuisines.

Ambiance is right for a little romance, it has a sushi bar in the middle, has dimmed lights and modern minimalist Japanese interiors. Menu is pretty extensive; click here if you want to see their food list.

Uhmmm… actually this post is long overdue, (prolly 5 months already) so I can't really remember much details now, having said that I'll let the picture describe the meal :p Well, as far as I can remember the food is really scrumptious. Cost is mid-range, around P350-500 per head. They also offer lunch buffet (from 11:30 AM-2:30 PM) for P730/pax (tax inclusive) but only during Sundays...

That's All!

Wasabi Bistro
The Olympia Bldg. (near Manila Penn)
7912 Makati Ave. cor. Santo Tomas St. Makati
Phone Number: 840-4223, 752-0632

Friday, October 24, 2008

Dinos Alive World Tour

Nope, this is not another foodie blog post; Someone asked me for a help, and since I really found the theme park interesting , here I am publishing it... oh, I will not bother to re-word the document they have sent but rather will add-on some photos (also sent via email). My nieces will surely enjoy this… plus it's educational. Mark the date: November 28, 2008 to January 11 2009 @ Block 5 of SM MALL OF ASIA.


This 2008, we will be astounded by a visit from the past. Dinosaurs will soon walk back to land and set foot in the Philippines. Dinos Alive! World Tour is set to bring adventure of a lifetime to the Filipino people through these creatures.

The Dinos alive tour is a traveling exhibit which adopts a themed - park environment. An authentic prehistoric recreation of the Jurassic period will display more than 30 life-size robotic dinosaurs including a spectacular 30 feet T-Rex. The place will be set-up to enhance the visitors experience of going back to time wherein these creatures roam the earth with specially designed sound and lighting effects.

Visitors will also be able to interact with these moving creatures and enjoy other fun and entertaining activities. Kids and grown ups can enjoy in fossil hunting, games, quizzes, rock climbing, a dino inflated playland and more.

Food and drinks will be available for hungry stomachs in a dino-inspired café. There will be retail stores as well selling dinosaur-themed merchandises like T-shirts and toys visitors can carry as souvenirs or bring home to friends and family. You can also have time to capture dino moments with the photo booth set - up inside and together with your dinosaur of choice.

Join the fun of Dinos Alive World Tour here in Manila with your family and friends. Have the kids enjoy a world of discovery and learning. And take time to bond with all the activities offered.

The ‘Dinos Alive World Tour - Manila will be set up next to the SM Mall of Asia from 28th November to 11th January, 10am-10pm on weekends and 12pm-10pm on weekdays. Tickets are available for purchase from Ticket World by calling 891-9999 or online at Ticket prices for adults are Php 600, kids below a meter are Php 450 and the family package costs Php 1,750 (2 adults+2 kids+1 free ticket).


That's All!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dong Bei Dumpling

My sister who works in Binondo brought my mom to a place called Dong Bei dumpling, and my mom introduced it to me swearing that they serve delicious dumplings... so there we went all the way to Binondo ;)

Dong in chinese vocabulary means North and Bei means East, so Dong Bei in translation means Northeast; according to mama the owner is Taiwanese so I'm assuming that Taiwan is in Northeast asia ;-p

Anyway, Dong Bei Dumpling is a mini restaurant that has four, four seater tables. Menu is written in a cartolina posted on their wall.... They serve the best tasting dumplings in town...
As you enter the place you can see their staff making dumpling... rolling pin to make wraps and then stuffing it with kuchay or pork.14 pieces Dumpling stuffing (chives,celery,cabbage,bellpepper,pork,vegetarian) cost P100, can be steamed or fried....

Since I was craving for noodles that time and wanting to try their dumplings... I then ordered for Dumpling noodle soup. For P100, they served handmade noodles with 10 pieces freshly made dumplings... I personally asked for 5 kuchay dumplings and 5 pork dumplings to be included in my meal..... The dumplings was indeed delicious, soft and tasty plus it is perfect when dipped in their special sauce (garlic, vinegar,soysauce); the noodle itself was also good but my combination makes the soup a bit tasteless, but the chili sauce and their special sauce helped me enjoy my soup....

That's all!

Dong Bei Dumpling Restaurant
642 Yuchengco St (formerly Nueva) cor Orientele St.
Binondo, Manila

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Healthy Kitchen

What we eat affects our health and performance... Amen to that! But I'm honestly not a healthy eater...err I don't really count my calories intake and I eat what I craved... Well for me, right now, I can say that all food is healthy... lol!

Ironically, sometimes when you’re fat it connotes healthy, but most of the time healthy when you’re lean. Blurrrrrrrrrr …haha! Well there are many factor, I’m not sure if you’ll agree with me but healthy lay emphasis on absence of disease. Uhmmmm… Ok, I’ll not fret over “healthy” definition, beside this post is not really to find its delineation…

In Serendra, a restaurant named Healthy kitchen offers proper variety of nutritious meal ; judging from their menu, the best way to describe healthy here is “less-fattening food” or "organic", such food are salad, wheat wraps, brown rice and likes. The server is attentive and welcome customer with smile/greetings. Ambiance is homey and relaxed.

Soup of the day. P95- A very delicous hot mushroom soup was served that day, it was placed in a medium size bowl with rich but not too creamy bisque with minced mushroom.
Lory's Pizza .P250.00 - A thinly crusted whole wheat pizza, made with turkey bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes in an Alfredo sauce and topped with organic fresh mozzarella. The serving is small like that of ordinary queszodilla but is truly satisfying...
Chicken Mango Wrap.P275.00- Grilled chicken breast, fresh ripe mangoes, sprouts, Romaine wrapped in a choice of spinach, jalapeno, cheddar or sun dried tomato wraps. Served with wasabi mayo on the side; In my opinion this dish is a little bland, wasabi mayo gives the flavor to this meal..Oh, it is also served with a choice of potato, carrot or pasta salad.

Hmmmm .... I'm trying to think healthy, but the tender juicy steak rules in my head today.... yikes!!!

That's All!

Healthy Kitchen
141 C Serendra Place, Bonifacio High Street, Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(632) 900-6514

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Uh huh...

If you're regulars of this blog, you'll noticed that I haven't been posting lately... and I'm sorry; but if you knew me, you'll understand...Yup, this is not another food blog entry....

Nah- I haven't quit food tripping, in fact there's so much food places I wanna share but, but I've been really lazeeeeee to write about something and my system is really sluggish ish ish... lol! Well I 've finally got to enroll to gym again( after a year), maybe this is what I need- endorphin boost to bring back my stamina or maybe I'm just getting wiser .read. OLD ...haha!

Well right now I've been surrounded with positive forces... woohoo! Thank you Lord!

P.S.: A hand written letter made my day today... Cheers!

That's all!

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