Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hidden valley

Just came back from an overnight outing in Hidden Valley, a secluded mountain resort in Alaminos Laguna. The place is blessed with natural scenery from water to trees to flowers. only 2 hours drive away from the hustle and bustle of Manila. Nothing extra-ordinary about the resort food the place offers a great deal of relaxation.

Hidden valley is enclosed by rich forest. There are series of mineral spring pools which water vary in temperature from warm to cold, and yes water are constantly flowing from mountaintop.

.…I'm missing the fresh air.

Tropical gardens and pure crystalline water preserved as Maria Makiling would have it.

Hidden Valley is a secluded spot wedged between two mystical mountains rich in folklores. It is a place blessed with nature's invigorating gifts of water, flowers, trees, and inspiring scenery.

Only an hour's drive from Manila, Hidden Valley is a tourist destination for a day or overnight stay. It provides first class hotel accommodations, local and international foods, and endless opportunities for a peaceful relaxation

Its main feature is a body of waterfalls, natural spring and pools. Be ready to dip in the cool waters, constantly flowing from the mountaintop, said to be rainfall accumulated through the
years. There is also a warm, natural spring pool and a soda pool. Swim in all or take your pick.

Or if you just want to be left alone, you can get lost in the awesome beauty and s
tillness of the surrounding greenery, wild flowers, and century-old trees

Hidden Valley is place where time stops and Nature provides a relaxing show

Laguna, already known for its verdant forest and natural springs, have become even more famous with Hidden Valley spring, a rustic resort, nestled among the mountains of Calauan

Located some 75 kilometers South of Manila, the Valley brings refreshingly modern changes as well as quaint touch of the past. Hidden Valley Springs Resort is a mere one and a half hour drive from Manila, snaking to Calauan, via Alaminos, Laguna, just behind Mount Makiling.

A natural wonderland, Hidden Valley sprawls along 10 hectares of a well-preserved rainforest area ablaze with tall waters. It is managed by the Valley Resort Corporation under a contract with the Heirs of Eugenia V. Roxas, Inc

Stories have it that the Valley was once a volcanic crater. No wonder the cocoa trees, the coconuts and the lanzones planted blossomed as though the Valley had been their habitat for centuries. Its lanzones remain the sweetest in the whole of Laguna.

Hidden Valley is a mountain resort sunk about 1,000 feet below sea level and harbors rare plants and animals. Eons ago, geologists believe, the cataclysmic eruption of Mt. Makiling and Mt. Banahaw created subterranean caverns around these now extinct volcanoes. The area around Laguna is pock-marked with such caverns, although many of the depressions are filled with water. Because of the empty spaces, the earth above which, in due time, became covered with vegetation. The forest and their fauna thrived, untouched by typhoons that yearly visited the area. In the middle of one of these depressions in Calauan, a small waterfall was born, while several streams, with waters clear enough for drinking, fed several man-made pools.

Lovers Pool

lA more secluded area is a Lover's Pool where one imagines with a touch of malice and envy, interesting interactions. It is so concealed, you could unwittingly pass by it without knowing that you have missed it. Its pools can be reached by carefully treading your way down a narrow trail nearly one half kilometer long. It is hidden because it used to be a copper mine with a deep shaft which, after being abandoned, was left to the hundred of bats who found refuge in it during the day. The privacy it offers is the honeymooners' dream come true

The Valley is pleasantly warm nearly through out the year its high mountains’ protec
ting it from harsh stormy weathers. These same mountains serve as natural barriers to the direct heat of the noonday sun. That is why during the day, it is all right to romp around in your bare feet and hike to the valley's main features. Being a valley it is a perennially cool place during the day and almost cold at night

Sada Pool

The Soda pool is so called because when the water was tested, it was found comparable to the Vicki and Fuji Waters of Japan. The massage springs, the coolest among the pools, have a forceful flow, one only need to get underneath the water to get a massage no different from the European spas. The twin springs give you a choice between cool and warm water

But being so close together, you do not really have to choose. You can just bounce from one pool to the other with no problem at all.

"A place where time stops and nature puts on a relaxing show"

Amlang Tree

Then there are fascinating Amlang trees, tall and massive with trunks that seem almost to have been chopped off. A faded marker in one such tree notes that during Spanish times the trees in the vicinity have been cut for wood. Eventually, on believes a reminder to preserve nature.

It is a tribute to the resort's developers that despite the presence of amenities like the Gazebo, pools, picnic groves, chapel, function room, camping grounds and first class rooms and cottages; the natural beauty of the lush surrounding has been preserved.

A natural wonderland, Hidden Valley sprawls along 10 hectares of a well-preserved rainforest area ablaze with tall trees, flowers and plants and surrounded by hot and cold spring water.

Laguna, already know for its verdant forest and natural springs, have become even more famous with Hidden Valley Springs, a rustic resort, nestled among the mountains of Calauan.

Located some 75 kilometers South of Manila, the Valley brings refreshingly modern changes as well as quaint touch of the past. Hidden Valley Springs resort is a mere one and a half hour drive from Manila, snaking to Calauan via Alaminos, Laguna, just behind Mount Makiling.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Thewi thai massage

Since I've mentioned Thewi Thai massage in my last post and said I'll give details...

Thai massage releases tension, increase vitality and create wholeness of mind, body and spirit.

Last Sunday, Me and my friends spent few hours in Thewi thai massage, located at 114 D-D. Tuazon St. Corner Maria Clara Quezon city. The price is surprisingly affordable, Full body massage cost only P200 for 60 minutes. They also offer foot reflexology, back massage and head massage for only P75 (30 min).
The place is quite small, rooms are cubicle type and ahmmmm no privacy. You’ll hear what your roommate is saying.

While waiting for the massage proper, their staff washed/cleaned our feet with warm water and soap. The treatment is carried out on the floor, which we remained fully clothed. I personally like the pressure applied in thai massage, I'm hearting the techniques used to release tension and allow energy to flow freely.

I'll probably going back there... to be fair I do not recommend thai massage to those people who have low pain tolerance.

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Safeway Christmas party 2006

Christmas kinda came early for Safeway, Manila,  last Friday night, I've attended my 1st Christmas party for the year at   Greenbelt 3's Tavern on the square entitled  "MTV CELEBRITY AWARDS NIGHT".

Personally, I find the place quite small for everyone, some ended up dinner shifting. The food was not that Sumptuous but not bland as well. 3 drink stubs were provided to us that can be exchange either beer or ice tea (they don't consider non-beer drinker, you have to buy your own cocktail). Open bar at around 11:30 p.m. (too bad to those who bought beers before that time).

In spite of those Grudges, the totally of the event was fantastic and fabulous. Donnie and Nats who performed well onstage emceed the event.  Almost everyone dress up like a celebrity. The music video presented by all the groups were enjoyable to watched, they were terrific and yes funny.  The band played well, almost every one was dancing including our bosses and onshore guest. Too bad I didn't finished the party because of work. Of course, how can I forget  the spectacular dance performances from apprentice batch 6 (welcome)  and  our safeway's own boy band groovie group Ponchie, Jeremy, Jules and Arian.  And yes, the raffle...

At the end of the night, I went to office with two awards the bongga ka day and star of night. Yeah, I actually won... ;-)

Stars of the Night

Resty Barcebal as Charlie Chaplin
Aline Ang as Gwen Stefani


Miss Universe ng Buhay Ko -Kenneth Guevarra
Macho Gwapito -Justin Gonzales
Tayong Dalawa -Justin Gonzales and Nathalie Berina
Bongga Ka Dong -Justin Gonzales
Bongga Ka Day -Aline Ang
Mang Jose (helpful) -Meg Taas
Bibong Bibo -Donnie Valenciano
Hawak Kamay -Tony Vanta
Liwanag sa Dilim (loudest voice) -Christian Fernandez

Video Awards per genre
Rock - Build's Order taker ( my favorite)
Pop - AST D's American Pie
Latin American - AST Marketing's Hero
HipHop/RnB - Prod services Stupid love

Our group didn't won but  it was ok . we should  use safeway logo next time .. hehe


Click here for More pix...

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Friday, December 1, 2006

Puerto galera : Lansei water

All right, our Galera escapade last Nov. 25 and 26 was totally fun... MAAHWA award, Mindoro Sling, videoke, beach volley, billiards, massage, henna tattoo, swimming... I have to commend Lansei Water Resort for homey accommodation, the place was clean, food was good and flowing, and of course service was terrific. The resort itself might be far from the beach (2-3 minutes walk) and the path from beach to the resort was very dark at night but there was Arvin (the resort personnel) who was always available anytime to guide our way especially at night/midnight.

Sunset at white beach

Having our Mindoro Sling

Of course... PICTORIAL

Click here for More pictures

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Saturday, November 4, 2006

Starbucks red cups

Starbucks Christmas drinks are back

  • Ginger bread Latte
  • Peppermint mocha
  • Toffee nut latte

Toffee -nut latte is much love by me.

Oh , they are also on with their christmas tradition... had my first sticker this morning, 20 more to go and I'll have my 2007 starbucks planner.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Tony and Jackey

Last night, Bonj, Cza and I went to Tony and Jackey Salon to have my hair digitally permed.
Salon is spacious, lighting is very good and place is neat and in order; as for the equpments, it is absolutely high-tech, which really shows that the have advance hairstyling tecnique.

Beside the entrance are two PCs meant for customer or their company to kill time while waiting. At the side of it is the lounge (big couch by the way) which serve as the waiting area. They also offer free teas, coffees and water for everyone inside.

The one who fix my hair is Calvin, a korean who speak english pretty well, and who was previously employed as a director for a famous Korean salon in Australia. According to him , he was agreed to work here because he thought Philippines is one big Boracay and he was shocked upon arriving in Manila (too bad for him, but good for us of course) … I was wathcing him as he cut somebody else’s hair and it was teriffic... I am really amazed. *clap clap* I’ll probably going to have them next time.

Oh by the way, Tony and Jacky is a Korean salon, the salon hairdressers are all authentic ;-D Korean...

Tony and Jackey

G103 West of Ayala Bldg., Buendia Makati.
Tel. 843-7571
Cell. 0906-365-9155

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Amici di Don Bosco

My colleague and I had our dinner in Amici de Don Bosco last night. Amici served authentic Italian dish and can be found right beside Don Bosco Makati, near their church and Walter mart mall.

Pasta: price ranges from P120-P170.
Pizza: There are 25 vairants of their 8 slices of original pizza that cost P240.
Gelato: P35 per scoop

Food was certainly

See no leftover!!!

Try it out!

Amici di Don Bosco
Pasay Road corner Pasong Tamo, Makati City

Operating Hours:
10AM-9PM, Monday to Saturdays

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Sunday, October 8, 2006


Personally, I find Olay advertisement very promising. Being a beauty product aficionada, I purchased a bottle of total effect + with SPF 15 and a serum 2 days right after I saw the commercial.

I’ve never really had a problem with my skin, but admittedly I am a little concerned about my eyes (the circle around it), it is making me feel a bit old and I am hopeful that this product will help me diminish those age defying circles  ;-)

Olays promises to reverse the 7 signs of aging by:

• Visibly reducing lines and wrinkles
• Noticeably smooths skin texture
• Visibly evens skin tone
• Transforms skin dullness to a radiant healthy looking glow
• Reduces the appearance of pores
• Diminishes the appearance of blotches and age spots
• Intensively hydrates dry skin

I've been using it for 5 days now but haven't noticed any significant change in my skin yet, but I can recommend this product as a good moisturizer plus it contains SPF that will protect our skin against the UV rays.  For me this is a quality product, cost around 650 pesos per 50-ml.  

See for yourself... Let me know =)

That's all! 

Saturday, September 30, 2006

New bombay

Last Monday my urge to eat Authentic Indian food was fully fulfilled with Donna at New Bombay canteen (G/F Sagittarius Bldg.Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati).

The place is quite small and simple, there are carpet like indian displays posted in the wall and there were Indians (owners) who greeted us when we step inside =D. The food was great, it was absolutely lip-smacking. Price is reasonable but the service /cooking process that time was a bit slow or maybe because it was dinnertime when we got there (worth the wait though), food was served hot. We ordered for Mushroom Paneer – mushroom and goat cheese in a curry sauce, the appetizing chicken something (was it the mutton?), rice and roti- flat wheat bread.

I already tried chicken and shrimp biryani before and it was absolutely yummy. I heard Samosa is good too.

It was my 3rd time dining at New Bombay and definitely not the last time… Makes me wanna try belly dancing… Haha!

Note: Indian dishes are spicy, rice and bread are excluded of course =D

That’s all!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Feast of Ma-cho

Hurray I made it home! It was my 1st time to travel(long trip about 6-7 hours) alone since my family opt to stay for few more days in the province. And Whoaaa there's signal # 3 typhoon here in Manila when I arrived.... it was really spooky and gloomy... the whole city seems so black , blackness is all I can see ... As in!. I just hope everyone is fine or at least only few casualties.

Sigh! I'm back from my quick vacation.(OK, It is not really a vacation). Went to San Fernando La Union City to celebrate feast of our lady of Casaysasay or Mama Macho.

San Fernando La Union is my mom’s hometown. During our younger years, we (siblings) used to visit and stay there for vacation every summer. Gwama (my mom’s mom) and other relatives are living there. Gwama amazes me a lot, she is 92 years old and still can recognize people/us, she can still talk , can still carry her grandgrand child and can still walk although she complains about having leg/foot ache, must be because of her scoliosis and of course her old age would be a great factor. Hmmm... and now I’m wondering now if I will live that long?

Back to the feast...

Here’s a little religious history about Ma-cho:
In the Chinese hierarchy of folk deities, Ma-cho (Ma-Tzu) is the powerful Queen of Heavens and protectress of the sea. She is the patron saint of fishermen and overseas Chinese.

Legend says she was born a mortal, Lin Mo-liang (silent girl), during the Northern Sung dynasty (960-1127 A.D.) near Meizhou Bay in Fujian province.

During her lifetime of only 28 years, she was said to be exceptionally pure of spirit and compassionate, with supernatural powers. She supposedly performed miracles, subduing evil spirits and averting disasters at sea. She sacrificed her life, while trying to save seafarers.

After her death, people began to pray to her for success and good fortune. She has a huge following in China’s coastal areas. In Taiwan, where many Fujian folk migrated, she is worshipped by almost two-thirds of the population.

In March, Taiwan celebrates her birthday in over 500 Ma-cho temples. The most famous of the ceremonies is the Ma-cho procession or journey, chin hsiang (carrying the incense).

In Macao and Fujian, Taiwan and La Union and Batangas, millions of devotees believe the goddess is one and the same as Our Lady of Caysasay. The Filipino-Chinese communities based in San Fernando City, La Union, go on a yearly pilgrimage to our Lady of Caysasay shrine in Taal, bringing along the image of Mama Ma-cho of the macho temple.

Click here for pictures

Hope my wish will soon be granted.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Coffee tasting

Last night, we have our coffee-tasting session at starbucks, Ems the Barista prepared the rare Brazil Ipanema Bourbon coffee and have it brewed two way that is french-press and drip. She asisted us to taste the pleasingly mild coffee using four techniques; sniff/smell , slurp(the louder the better), identify/ describe and pair. For me,press-brewed is much better than drip, it smells good and the flavour is much stronger, Wal-nut brownie added attitude to its nutty-soury taste.

Some Pix:

Since I've been talking about coffee, wanna give you a piece of advise:
Please brush your teeth or at least take after coffee mints after taking it. EWWWWWWWWWWW!


Monday, June 26, 2006


These are my 3 exquisite Starbuck Bearista:

My Cousin Rawbean (he's good artist; check out his artwork and blog) introduced me to these lovely Starbucks Cupee Q , limited edition and only sold in Taiwan **SADNESS* * I WANT ONE especially the employee cupee

4 different tastes of Frappuccino, namely:
- Java Chip Cupee( represents Java Chip Frappuccino),
- Banana Cupee( represents Banana Mocha Frappuccino),
- Green Tea Cupee( represents Green Tea Citrus & Cream Frappuccino)
- Caramel Cupee(represents Caramel Frappuccino)

figures representing different local customers.

2.5-inch Starbucks Cupee figure, exclusive for only internal employees of Starbucks and is not for sale

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Monday, May 1, 2006

Laiya Coco Grove Resort

Found this in my document archive,wrote this way way back for safeway philtech newsletter... added pix :)

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it. ~Russel Baker

Last April 28, 2006 was the well-attended Safeway Philtech Inc. Summer outing? A day for the dedicated employees to the leave their PC's behind for some fun in the sun. Unlike previous years, our company outing was held in Laiya Coco Grove Resort in San Juan Batangas. A place situated away from the hustle and bustle of Manila.

Three executive carriers were stationed at Valero St., everyone congregated and excitedly took their seats at around 6:00am. A bit of an exciting moment, however, arose for the men riding on one of the carriers as they were given the opportunity to flex their muscles. The vehicle, surprisingly, wouldn't start and they have to give it a little push to get it going, fortunately after a few hit they got the vehicle to start. The trip took us merely 2.5 to 3 hours but the event itself is quite a blast.

Everyone hurriedly searched for his or her designated cottages to leave their things. Morning snacks were served at once, followed by several games prepared by the organizers. Egg-catching, obstacle relay were some to name a few.

After the “ice-breakers”, we were broken into small groups and each enjoyed the different amenities the resort had to offer; most wanted to try the famous Fly Fox, while others opted to bathe in the sun first. A number jumped right into the warm swimming pool, as others jumped their hearts-out in the trampoline. Those who availed of the boat ride easily enjoyed the site the resort had to offer. The more adventurous ones tried snorkeling to appreciate underwater sites. The sporty ones played beach volleyball while some were contented by videoke-ing the day away.

After lunch, nominees for the best summer get-up were announced. Nominees for male category were Elbert Basa, Justin Gonzalez, LA Garcia Restito Barcebal,, Wilbert Sison , while for female category nominees include Anne Mabilangan, Eileen Refran, Kenneth Guevarra, Sarah Leopando and Sarah Teves. Each of them flaunted their summer outfit and fashionably struck their poses. The sexiest pose… I mean the best summer get-up goes to LA and Ken.

This year’s summer outing was really a good time for building team spirit. It feels good knowing I was there when it happened and it feels better knowing everyone enjoyed and had fun … can't wait till next year


Laiya Coco Grove Resort

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