Thursday, September 28, 2006

Feast of Ma-cho

Hurray I made it home! It was my 1st time to travel(long trip about 6-7 hours) alone since my family opt to stay for few more days in the province. And Whoaaa there's signal # 3 typhoon here in Manila when I arrived.... it was really spooky and gloomy... the whole city seems so black , blackness is all I can see ... As in!. I just hope everyone is fine or at least only few casualties.

Sigh! I'm back from my quick vacation.(OK, It is not really a vacation). Went to San Fernando La Union City to celebrate feast of our lady of Casaysasay or Mama Macho.

San Fernando La Union is my mom’s hometown. During our younger years, we (siblings) used to visit and stay there for vacation every summer. Gwama (my mom’s mom) and other relatives are living there. Gwama amazes me a lot, she is 92 years old and still can recognize people/us, she can still talk , can still carry her grandgrand child and can still walk although she complains about having leg/foot ache, must be because of her scoliosis and of course her old age would be a great factor. Hmmm... and now I’m wondering now if I will live that long?

Back to the feast...

Here’s a little religious history about Ma-cho:
In the Chinese hierarchy of folk deities, Ma-cho (Ma-Tzu) is the powerful Queen of Heavens and protectress of the sea. She is the patron saint of fishermen and overseas Chinese.

Legend says she was born a mortal, Lin Mo-liang (silent girl), during the Northern Sung dynasty (960-1127 A.D.) near Meizhou Bay in Fujian province.

During her lifetime of only 28 years, she was said to be exceptionally pure of spirit and compassionate, with supernatural powers. She supposedly performed miracles, subduing evil spirits and averting disasters at sea. She sacrificed her life, while trying to save seafarers.

After her death, people began to pray to her for success and good fortune. She has a huge following in China’s coastal areas. In Taiwan, where many Fujian folk migrated, she is worshipped by almost two-thirds of the population.

In March, Taiwan celebrates her birthday in over 500 Ma-cho temples. The most famous of the ceremonies is the Ma-cho procession or journey, chin hsiang (carrying the incense).

In Macao and Fujian, Taiwan and La Union and Batangas, millions of devotees believe the goddess is one and the same as Our Lady of Caysasay. The Filipino-Chinese communities based in San Fernando City, La Union, go on a yearly pilgrimage to our Lady of Caysasay shrine in Taal, bringing along the image of Mama Ma-cho of the macho temple.

Click here for pictures

Hope my wish will soon be granted.

That's all!


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