Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Punch Bag Aero

Last night was my 2nd attempt to attend Punch bag aero. Yes, yes, I did mentioned attempt because like my 1st attempt which was about 1.5 years ago I wasn't able to finish the class. After about 10 minutes of punching and kicking, I found myself drenched in sweat and gasping for air... so there I walked out from the class. Ok, I have my reasons for walking out, 1st- I have not been boxing for several months now, 2nd -I have been showing up to gym for like once a week or sometimes once a month and not really done serious work-out since laziness..., and lastly I felt like blocking-out that time, so there with those reasons I’m forgiven. Right?

Anyway Punch bag aero is a cardio workout that uses heavy punching bags which were hung from the ceiling. An aerobics exercise mainly uses punch and kick technique to build endurance, and keep your muscle tone and firm. It is a good way to burn serious calories and is a great way to wash off tensions and aggressions. Seriously!

I will condition my body next month and I shall try it again soon; I’ll prolly finish a class by then ; p

Punch Bag Aero is offered at red corner - see you there ;p.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

UCC's blueberry cheesecake

I'm not really into dessert but I found myself craving for UCC's blueberry cheesecake from time to time. It is simply addictive, topped with chopped nuts and blueberry (of course) with the creamy cheese that melts in your mouth and those tasteful crust...mmmmm Yum yum! With UCC’s coffee shop cozy ambiance, partner it with their delightful rich coffee or their free lemon water…Perfect!

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Friday, October 26, 2007

weekly days

Highlight for this week.

Free grocery stuff while working out.

  • I opened a pressurized bottle of Spanish sardines; shhhhs took me long hours to do that.\
  • Going to work early for whole week (almost) - 7AM is too early for me. Yawn!!!
  • Eating instant noodle for dinner because I'm so lazy to go out and buy one.
  • Chatting with friends over phone and meeting some for lunch, dinner or coffee...
  • Hanged-out alone @ Rockwell to ok for free wifi spot; ended up buying wifi card.
  • Loaded sun prepaid cell; yeah, yeah I owned sun cell now… I know I know I refused to have it for the longest time, but now I have it- so friends text me your sun numbers in my globe #.

Since my travel time is less, I suddenly have more free time after work. I am actually on experimental mode as to what to do with that free time. Funny, how home-sicky I felt sometimes but so far I’m liking these independent thingy.

Long weekend, I’m going home soon after all. * stretch*

That's All!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gym interview

Got this from Nestle Philippines last Monday while I was inside the gym working out.

While working out, someone approached me and asked me if they can interview me so I said depends on Brian (my gym instructor). Brian instantly said yes, and then there came the introduction blah blah blah and then the set of questions. Basically the interview is about wellness, the group from nestle Philippines will be conducting wellness seminar and would like to consider my opinion/answers. One question that keeps me thinking was "Who is the person you idolized?" All of the sudden I realized I don't have one, weird me... perhaps, I should be lurking for 1.

ODD, I worked-out only once a week or sometimes once a month still I got these freebies… Tnxtnx anyway!

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Dumbledore was gay

So being gay is a fad nowadays... even in fictional characters... No, don't get me wrong, I love to be with gay people, they are fan to be with and nice to talked with… But I was kinda "HWAAAAATT" when I heard the news this morning that Harry potter's Albus Dumbledore, the master wizard and Headmaster of Hogwarts, was gay, this according to author JK Rowling.

For full story here

Hmmmm... Halloween is approaching; to those of you who want to come out, uhmmm maybe you can use Dumbledore as your costume during the party. Wink wink!

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Soms - closed and opening

One of my favorite Thai restaurant Soms noodle house in Reposo/N. garcia is now closed :-( Beginning November 2007 the branch in Reposo will be transferring to Tomas Morato. Therefore the nearest Soms here in Makati is the one in Rockwell.

Sad sad sad because it just a walking distance away from my boarding house now but still delighted because I'm from north - Weeeeeee! There will be a delicious thai food cuisine near our home- Tomas morato goer this is a great great great news, you have to try this out.

Anyway if you want to try out Soms Noodle House in Makati, it is located at 5921 A. Alger St. Poblacion, Makati (go along Kalayaan, and turn into the street of Grilla Rockwell). Call them at +632 7578079

Soms Tomas Morato will be opening on November 4,2007 at Dallas Square Tomas Morato.

Related post: Soms noodle house

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Malcolm's place - wagyu beef

Last Friday we became part of Malcolm’s place 1st year anniversary. Malcolm’s is restaurant that offers fusion of American, continental and Mediterranean cuisine - main specialty is wagyu beef. Since they are celebrating their anniversary there are freebies for guest such as , 500 worth of gift certificate, a loyalty card, free drinks and a taste of their sandwiches such as garlickin' good (to rave!!!), cheese steak, veggin' for more. I ordered for Wagyu burger steak since it was written in their board as their daily special, it comes with mashed potato/rice and little corn and carrot...the meat was tasteful, tender and juicy.

Burger and steak lovers would sure love this place. A meal would cost approximately P300. Heard their wagyu salpicao and tapa are to rave… I must try it next time.

Malcolm's Place, Salcedo Village (corner of Tordecillas and dela costa st. near Somerset building)
108 H.V. dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 844-0000
Click here for menu

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Iyengar yoga Manila

So yeah, last Wednesday I did attend yoga class, I chose Iyengar yoga over yoga Manila since the shala is near, one block away from our office.
Iyengar yoga is a form of hatha yoga that uses props such as belts, bags,chairs, blanket and etc. The poses are much challenging than bikram yoga, maybe because bikram focuses on a series of 26 postures while in iyengar is more on experimentation, where you can explore yoga more… but indeed the poses here are held in longer time and requires more concentration. Yeah I did do the headstand on my 1st session =)

Personally, I liked bikram more than Iyengar since I wanted the sweaty after feel or perhaps the room was just too cold and is lit or I was too sleepy last Wednesday. I'll prolly try it again next time but I also have to try yoga manila.

Iyengar Yoga Center Manila is located at 21/F LKG Tower, Ayala Ave.
For more inquiries visit Iyengar yoga Manila site.

More about Iyengar yoga from wiki.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Moving out , moving in

It has been 3 days since I moved-out temporarily from our house in Caloocan to my best friend’s (Donna) place in Makati. I was really planning to move out...since travel time is becoming an issue to me; and it was one of the things I wanted to try before I reach ehem 30.

At home, I literally do nothing, food is almost always ready when I'm hungry plus I don't have to deal with dish washing; used clothes will be back in my closet after a day or two... Life is different now, no air condition at night, not to mentioned that I have to deal with things such as food, rent, utilities and laundry.

I miss home but so far I am enjoying the nearness of the place to my workplace (approximately 10 minutes travel time). And beside I can go home anytime I want and on weekends. Plus I’m practically not alone (wink).

That's All!

Fast forward >>

Some people are pressuring me to put an update... And I'm kinda loving it =D

I am actually tired because of fast forward- An urban challenge in Makati set as a part of our company's team building event organized by EDGE consulting. We were actually out and walking and doing crazy stuff the whole yesterday... It was exhausting but fun. I will keep details for now, not to spoil the expectations of other teams.

Ohhhh did I mentioned that it was tiresome?

That's All!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Clean teeth = good heart

I sometimes can't understand why some people have fear or is anxious on seeing dentist, uhhmmm well I mean... I'd rather see the dentist than to loose my teeth. Right? Right?
And beside Oral hygiene is important... how about this… did you know that healthy teeth can prevent heart attack? Seriously!

Anyway I have my picture taken inside Dr. JV Jaurigue clinic just few hours ago right after my root canal 2nd session. Dr. Jaurigue is the one who took the pix ;-) - One of the coolest and good dentists I've met/known. Soooo... Dr. Jaurigue if you are reading this, I think I deserve a free/discounted service ...Kidding(half meant ;-))!

If you guys want to set dental appointment with him, here's his contact number:

1921-Cityland Herrera Towers
Herrera St. cor. Valero St.
Salcedo Village

That's All!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

PAN means

Ever wondered about the meaning of “Pan”? - Pan Pizza, Pan Pacific, Pan American, Pan African, pan chicken. While having dinner at World Topp’s here in our office building, a friend ask what does pan mean… hmmm so these are the answers that gathered.

  • Pan for food (Pizza, pan chicken)-It's pan pizza because you put it in a pan (cooking ware)
  • Pan chicken - uhhhmmm PANdan chicken... or perhaps it is called Pan Chicken because it is cooked with bread (pan).
  • Pan American - it's like jaPAN-American

Shhssss... I even thought of it as a conjunction. And since I'm a bothered about its meaning and since I know I will not have peace of mind going home without knowing it or maybe I will not put myself to sleep because of pan, I went back to my desk and googled PAN before going home. yeah Yeah my little geekiness showed off...

Anyway for those of you who don’t know the meaning of PAN; Pan is a Greek prefix which means “all”, whole or all-inclusive.

Enough of mental struggles, since I knew the meaning now…. Pantheon means all of the God. And, Pancake means “ALL of the cake”…harharhar!

That’s all! Or should it be That’s Pan! (hahah)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Root canal procedure

Yesterday after my oral prophylaxis...The dentist advised that my tooth need to undergo root canal procedure, so I abruptly decided to have the procedure outright... perhaps for peace of mind and yeah, yeah to save to save my tooth. I was a little anxious since I’ve been hearing a lot stories about the pain of having it, but the most terrifying part was when the doctor mentioned that anesthesia is no longer needed… HWAAAT, drilling the tooth without anesthetic is freaking OUCH!!! Anyway, anyway, anyway I had my 1st ever root canal procedure yesterday and since I am an experienced patient now - I can absolutely say that it is pain free. Hakuna matata!

X.S.: The picture in this entry is actually mine ..haha!

That’s all!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Lime 88: Street food with a twist

Lime 88 is becoming my colleague's fave hangout place. It is actually an old house turned into a neighborhood restaurant that offers a unique and affordable- "street food with a twist" chows. The place is small, nice and neat, there is a pool table inside the house where you can play at P100/hour; you can opt to dine in the garage or inside the air-condition part of the house (which I think is open for reservation only). I’m loving their balbakwa soup and their street style pizza and their California Maki and their baked oyster...And and the best ever Mojito J cocktail.

Lime 88, Mandaluyong
Open from 11:00am-12:00Mn
160 San Rafael st.
City, Metro Manila
(02) 533-7515

For menu and prices: click here
More info at Anton's Blog

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Smashbox O-glow

Smashbox O-glow is a first intuitive blush that doesn’t come in powder or cream but rather a gel. The gel comes is clear/transparent that give everyone a natural gorgeous glow; it reacts with skin chemistry to turn your cheek the exact color you blush. It comes with Goji berry-C complex that creates the microcirculatory effect which changes the color of the product.

I've tested this product but wanting to buy 1, this product will surely be included in my kikay kit soon.

It is available in all beauty bar outlet here in Manila @ P1250.

That's All!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Trouble sleeping

Can you give me a break? Stop thinking of me, I really wanted to have a good night sleep... Kidding!

Sleeping has become troublesome for the past few nights, nope, I'm not thinking of anything or anyone but apparently I ended up tossing and turning in bed until around 1 to 2 am. Sigh! This is so un-me, I always want a complete 8 hours beauty sleep and sleeping is one of the things I truly love, but I can't seem to achieve that this past few days... Was it because of my coffee intake? I guess not!!! Because my intake is still the same as before, a cup or 2 brewed coffee during workdays to keep me awake at work and off course to keep myself off from migraine... Hmmm sleeping pills is now becoming more appealing to me... whachathink?

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Then there's someone that you don't even know, but for some weird reason everytime he laid his eyes on you, it makes you happy....yiheee crushie ;-p

Anyway, anyway, anyway, I'm planning to do yoga again next week, but torn between Iyengar yoga Manila in LKG tower and yoga Manila in Perea St., damage would be at P400 and P300 respectively. Whichever, I will let you know about my experience pretty soon.
Anyone like to join me?

That's All!

Monday, October 1, 2007

I fell

I fell off the stairs last Saturday, and now my left knee is wounded. OUCHHHHHH! This is what I got from wearing old loose flip-flops, the lower part of the side flip and caused me to trip. Bad slipper! On a positive note, I am thankful that the wound wasn't worse. And, I am alive... whoopee!

That's All!

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