Friday, October 26, 2007

weekly days

Highlight for this week.

Free grocery stuff while working out.

  • I opened a pressurized bottle of Spanish sardines; shhhhs took me long hours to do that.\
  • Going to work early for whole week (almost) - 7AM is too early for me. Yawn!!!
  • Eating instant noodle for dinner because I'm so lazy to go out and buy one.
  • Chatting with friends over phone and meeting some for lunch, dinner or coffee...
  • Hanged-out alone @ Rockwell to ok for free wifi spot; ended up buying wifi card.
  • Loaded sun prepaid cell; yeah, yeah I owned sun cell now… I know I know I refused to have it for the longest time, but now I have it- so friends text me your sun numbers in my globe #.

Since my travel time is less, I suddenly have more free time after work. I am actually on experimental mode as to what to do with that free time. Funny, how home-sicky I felt sometimes but so far I’m liking these independent thingy.

Long weekend, I’m going home soon after all. * stretch*

That's All!


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