Wednesday, October 10, 2007

PAN means

Ever wondered about the meaning of “Pan”? - Pan Pizza, Pan Pacific, Pan American, Pan African, pan chicken. While having dinner at World Topp’s here in our office building, a friend ask what does pan mean… hmmm so these are the answers that gathered.

  • Pan for food (Pizza, pan chicken)-It's pan pizza because you put it in a pan (cooking ware)
  • Pan chicken - uhhhmmm PANdan chicken... or perhaps it is called Pan Chicken because it is cooked with bread (pan).
  • Pan American - it's like jaPAN-American

Shhssss... I even thought of it as a conjunction. And since I'm a bothered about its meaning and since I know I will not have peace of mind going home without knowing it or maybe I will not put myself to sleep because of pan, I went back to my desk and googled PAN before going home. yeah Yeah my little geekiness showed off...

Anyway for those of you who don’t know the meaning of PAN; Pan is a Greek prefix which means “all”, whole or all-inclusive.

Enough of mental struggles, since I knew the meaning now…. Pantheon means all of the God. And, Pancake means “ALL of the cake”…harharhar!

That’s all! Or should it be That’s Pan! (hahah)


Anonymous said...

o ayan atsi...nagbasa na ko ng blog panu ang Peter Pan? ^___^

Anonymous said...


ALiNe said...

Erickson - Sabi Prefix, di naman prefix yan e.. so void sya :P

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