Monday, October 8, 2007

Lime 88: Street food with a twist

Lime 88 is becoming my colleague's fave hangout place. It is actually an old house turned into a neighborhood restaurant that offers a unique and affordable- "street food with a twist" chows. The place is small, nice and neat, there is a pool table inside the house where you can play at P100/hour; you can opt to dine in the garage or inside the air-condition part of the house (which I think is open for reservation only). I’m loving their balbakwa soup and their street style pizza and their California Maki and their baked oyster...And and the best ever Mojito J cocktail.

Lime 88, Mandaluyong
Open from 11:00am-12:00Mn
160 San Rafael st.
City, Metro Manila
(02) 533-7515

For menu and prices: click here
More info at Anton's Blog

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Anonymous said...

kailan tayo inum?

Anonymous said...


A Benefit Dinner for Mr Alan Juanta

A gastronomic experience merging
Italian and French
cuisines with flair
made more special with classic Frank
Sinatra tunes

Dinner will be buffet-style to be
prepared by
Chefs Kalel Chan and Archie Juanta

Sunday, 16 March 2008

6:00 pm

Lime 88 160 San Raphael St. ,
Mandaluyong City

Ticket Price: Php 1,500

Contact Person: Chef Archie Juanta
0916 7838878

On 30 January 2008, Alan Juanta
suffered a stroke at the right side of
his brain during a seminar at Horizon
Hotel in Boni Edsa. He was
immediately rushed to the Polymedic
Hospital in Mandaluyong and has stayed
in the ICU for almost a month. He has
undergone 2 major operations. His wife
and children were unprepared for such
a circumstance and have been struggling
with the mounting hospital and
medicine charges. As of 29 February,
unpaid hospital bills have amounted to
Php 504,000 while medicines and
hospital services have reached to Php
570,000 as of 1 March.
Currently Tito Alan has been
transferred to a private room and may
be discharged after his operation this
week. Though he still cannot talk due
to a tube in his throat, he is
conscious and can hear the people
around him. His vision is still not
back to normal. Although the clot in
his right brain has been removed and
the bleeding has stopped, doctors say
that another clot has formed in his
left brain. Fortunately this is
nothing to worry about. Tito Alan's
family is also full of faith that he
can walk again despite the
discouraging news from the doctors
that he may never do so.
I have only known Tito Alan since last
year. In that brief period of time, I
have seen his zest for life that not
even people younger than his years can
claim they posses. Those who have
frequented Lime 88 can testify to this
as he would always try to converse
animatedly with each guest every
night. Tito Alan is also the family's
resident Music Man. His love for
jazz, piano and Frank Sinatra music
has made him very popular among
friends and relatives.
Tito Alan's situation is not a unique
one. This happens to millions of
people around the world. It touches me
in a different note since it has
happened to someone close to me. It
hurts to see someone so full of life
lose mobility so suddenly.
I have always believed that we all
live in a world where we depend on
each other for assistance when
needed. We merely pay forward the
blessings we receive and count on
people to help us in our trying times.
In order to raise money to help to pay
for the expenses incurred over the
past month, Tito Alan's son Chef
Archie Juanta and his bestfriend Chef
Kalel Chan are organizing a benefit
dinner to be held on Sunday, 16 March
2008, 6.00 pm at Lime 88, 160 San
Raphael Street, Mandaluyong City. The
two very talented professional chefs
will whip up a marriage of Italian and
French cuisines served in a 12-dish
buffet. A special blend of iced tea
will be bottomless to accompany the
meals. Tickets for the dinner are
priced at Php1,500.
If you can't make it to the dinner but
still want to help out in the spirit
of brotherhood, tickets can be bought
from Chef Archie Juant(09167838876)or donations can be
given directly to the Juanta family.

-Claire Lee

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