Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Then there's someone that you don't even know, but for some weird reason everytime he laid his eyes on you, it makes you happy....yiheee crushie ;-p

Anyway, anyway, anyway, I'm planning to do yoga again next week, but torn between Iyengar yoga Manila in LKG tower and yoga Manila in Perea St., damage would be at P400 and P300 respectively. Whichever, I will let you know about my experience pretty soon.
Anyone like to join me?

That's All!


Cza said...

hahahaha! let's start looking for this guy.. ^__^ game?

ALiNe said...

One look that's all it took
And I knew somewhere we'd get together

Game! Sana makita ko pa sya ulit ;-)

Anonymous said...

balita ko nakabarong daw ha? manong guard? hehehe

ALiNe said...

Sureshot- Hindi ah! yung may bigoteng parang higad.... hahah! Ask donna about that :P

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