Monday, April 23, 2007

Bohol - Cebu

I'm back from 4 days vacation; my Bohol and Cebu experience was incredibly awesome.

In Bohol:
We stayed in Panglao Island Nature Resort's Bungalow suite for 2 days. The resort offers a rustic charm and great green scenery. Our room is made mainly of clear glass with outdoor Jacuzzi and offers a great lodging by the sea. The sand is so fine and white- ahmmm yes it is finer than that of Boracay.
Anyway just visit their site for more details: Panglao Island nature resort and spa

Our Bohol day 1 itinerary includes day tour to Chocolate hill, hanging bridge, tarsier sanctuary, blood compact site, Baclayon church and a lunch while cruising the loboc river. Second day was spent dolphin watching, island hopping and snorkeling at Balicasan island and Puntod island, lunch in Alona palm resort and back massage in Mit-hi (spa inside our resort).

In Cebu
We stayed overnight in Shangri-La's Mactan Island Resort and Spa hotel.
WOW... It is the finest hotel I've ever been... it is superb! The place is like - ahmmmm... Paradise.

The place is a perfect getaway for fun and relaxation.
We were so lucky to have our room upgraded from family to Panorama Suite (very nice).

What we do: Wake boarding, Banana boat, chilling in their buko bar,breakfast and dinner in Tides, chill out at cowrie bar and a sports massage by chi spa.

We didn't really tour the city but the resort itself is worth the travel.

That's all

Monday, April 16, 2007

Peri-peri chicken

At first I don't have any idea what peri-peri chicken was. All I knew was that it is a resto in greenhill's promenade, which was replacement of kohikan cafe and its sub-title that reads "spit-fire grilled chicken". I was intrigued about how it taste like...

Anyway peri-peri is it is the name used in Portuguese and a number of African languages to describe the African bird's-eye chili, it is like our very own siling labuyo (foreign version).

Anyway my curiosity and stomach were filled last Sunday. We had our dinner there and ordered for peri peri chicken in lemon garlic and in peri hot flavor and join it with tortilla, java garlic rice and coleslaw. I can't or should say I really don't know how to compare peri chicken with other chicken but it was peri juicy and peri yummy, taste must be coming from the spit-fire grill. And yes, I'm liking the peri sauces (in mild and in hot). Price is somewhat affordable, ranging from PhP100 to 300(sharing).

Overall the experience was peri satisfying ;-)

That's All!

Friday, April 13, 2007


Last night, I had a quick fun time at megamall with my college buddies.

Since we are all starving , we headed straight to TemptAsian cuisine in megastrip for our dinner.

As the name reads TemptAsian is a resto that serves asian dishes. We ordered for Yangchow fried rice, tomyam goong, sizzling garlic chicken and mixed veggies. There's nothing really special about the taste but the food was served hot and fast.

The ambiance is like superbowl with lots of for sale painting off the wall.

Katkat - thanks for the pasalubong,too bad you're too busy to meet us when you're here. Anyway Daryl was able to hand it to us without damaged (peace Da).

Tina- Thank you for the belated birthday treat.

That's All!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bang bang bangs

I'm  disappointed with the style  of my hair... 
Last night I tried to dye my hair myself before going to bed  but it didn't work.  GOSHersss!
Then I decided to cut and style my own bangs a little ...

DARRRRRNNNNNNNN...  I look like  japanese,  yeah elementary japanese school gurl...

Here's some pix:

With Romeo in our pantry:

Again this hairstyle would  change in a week or two.

That's All!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Camiguin : Cagayan de Oro

Spent holy thursday almost travelling ... It was too tiring
From Manila airport to Cagayan de Oro Airport - good thing we took the 1st flight of Cabu Pacific and our flight was not delayed.
from CDO airport to CDO seaport - road trip took us 2 hours
from CDO seaport to Camiguin seaport - took us 2 hours; 1 hour waiting time in (ro-ro type boat) + 1 hour travel time
from Camiguin seaport to Cave dive resort - another 1 hour road trip, the resort somewhat disappoints us (enough said)
from resort to white island beach - 8 minutes scary small boat ride without life vest, good thing white island is beautiful
then the most annoying part -- our dinner took 2 long hours to be served.

Good friday - Camiguin tour
The weather is so weirddddd... One moment it was raining hard then one moment it was too summery hot.
We went to falls, ruin church, ardent hot spring (where the pool is too crowded), sunken cemetary , Panaad (grotto), Cold pool (where we had our lunch and yes it's also crowded but amazingly the water is really ice cold) and white beach in Mantigue Island (not yet developed)

Black Saturday- We travel back to Cagayan de Oro, headed straight to Dynasty hotel. Went to Ostrich and crocodile farm, birds aviary, pottery (where I tried to do some ashtray and some sort of Native tour. I didn't enjoyed much because of migrane attack....

Easter Sunday- Zip line and white water rafting was such an enjoyable experience.. it was exciting and fun =)

And then today.... I'm stuck here in a net cafe and a bit bored, anyway we'll be back home later.

./edit - I love the fresh air though... I hate the pollution here in metro.

That's all!

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