Monday, April 9, 2007

Camiguin : Cagayan de Oro

Spent holy thursday almost travelling ... It was too tiring
From Manila airport to Cagayan de Oro Airport - good thing we took the 1st flight of Cabu Pacific and our flight was not delayed.
from CDO airport to CDO seaport - road trip took us 2 hours
from CDO seaport to Camiguin seaport - took us 2 hours; 1 hour waiting time in (ro-ro type boat) + 1 hour travel time
from Camiguin seaport to Cave dive resort - another 1 hour road trip, the resort somewhat disappoints us (enough said)
from resort to white island beach - 8 minutes scary small boat ride without life vest, good thing white island is beautiful
then the most annoying part -- our dinner took 2 long hours to be served.

Good friday - Camiguin tour
The weather is so weirddddd... One moment it was raining hard then one moment it was too summery hot.
We went to falls, ruin church, ardent hot spring (where the pool is too crowded), sunken cemetary , Panaad (grotto), Cold pool (where we had our lunch and yes it's also crowded but amazingly the water is really ice cold) and white beach in Mantigue Island (not yet developed)

Black Saturday- We travel back to Cagayan de Oro, headed straight to Dynasty hotel. Went to Ostrich and crocodile farm, birds aviary, pottery (where I tried to do some ashtray and some sort of Native tour. I didn't enjoyed much because of migrane attack....

Easter Sunday- Zip line and white water rafting was such an enjoyable experience.. it was exciting and fun =)

And then today.... I'm stuck here in a net cafe and a bit bored, anyway we'll be back home later.

./edit - I love the fresh air though... I hate the pollution here in metro.

That's all!


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