Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gym interview

Got this from Nestle Philippines last Monday while I was inside the gym working out.

While working out, someone approached me and asked me if they can interview me so I said depends on Brian (my gym instructor). Brian instantly said yes, and then there came the introduction blah blah blah and then the set of questions. Basically the interview is about wellness, the group from nestle Philippines will be conducting wellness seminar and would like to consider my opinion/answers. One question that keeps me thinking was "Who is the person you idolized?" All of the sudden I realized I don't have one, weird me... perhaps, I should be lurking for 1.

ODD, I worked-out only once a week or sometimes once a month still I got these freebies… Tnxtnx anyway!

That's All!


Anonymous said...

wow, ur pretty lucky :D

ALiNe said...

I think so too ;-)

Anonymous said...

kainggit naman

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