Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Thewi thai massage

Since I've mentioned Thewi Thai massage in my last post and said I'll give details...

Thai massage releases tension, increase vitality and create wholeness of mind, body and spirit.

Last Sunday, Me and my friends spent few hours in Thewi thai massage, located at 114 D-D. Tuazon St. Corner Maria Clara Quezon city. The price is surprisingly affordable, Full body massage cost only P200 for 60 minutes. They also offer foot reflexology, back massage and head massage for only P75 (30 min).
The place is quite small, rooms are cubicle type and ahmmmm no privacy. You’ll hear what your roommate is saying.

While waiting for the massage proper, their staff washed/cleaned our feet with warm water and soap. The treatment is carried out on the floor, which we remained fully clothed. I personally like the pressure applied in thai massage, I'm hearting the techniques used to release tension and allow energy to flow freely.

I'll probably going back there... to be fair I do not recommend thai massage to those people who have low pain tolerance.

That's All!


Phiilippines said...

Glad to read your blog on thewi thai massage. Me and my hubby also went there just yesterday and enjoyed it. Highly recommended for all ages.

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