Sunday, December 10, 2006

Safeway Christmas party 2006

Christmas kinda came early for Safeway, Manila,  last Friday night, I've attended my 1st Christmas party for the year at   Greenbelt 3's Tavern on the square entitled  "MTV CELEBRITY AWARDS NIGHT".

Personally, I find the place quite small for everyone, some ended up dinner shifting. The food was not that Sumptuous but not bland as well. 3 drink stubs were provided to us that can be exchange either beer or ice tea (they don't consider non-beer drinker, you have to buy your own cocktail). Open bar at around 11:30 p.m. (too bad to those who bought beers before that time).

In spite of those Grudges, the totally of the event was fantastic and fabulous. Donnie and Nats who performed well onstage emceed the event.  Almost everyone dress up like a celebrity. The music video presented by all the groups were enjoyable to watched, they were terrific and yes funny.  The band played well, almost every one was dancing including our bosses and onshore guest. Too bad I didn't finished the party because of work. Of course, how can I forget  the spectacular dance performances from apprentice batch 6 (welcome)  and  our safeway's own boy band groovie group Ponchie, Jeremy, Jules and Arian.  And yes, the raffle...

At the end of the night, I went to office with two awards the bongga ka day and star of night. Yeah, I actually won... ;-)

Stars of the Night

Resty Barcebal as Charlie Chaplin
Aline Ang as Gwen Stefani


Miss Universe ng Buhay Ko -Kenneth Guevarra
Macho Gwapito -Justin Gonzales
Tayong Dalawa -Justin Gonzales and Nathalie Berina
Bongga Ka Dong -Justin Gonzales
Bongga Ka Day -Aline Ang
Mang Jose (helpful) -Meg Taas
Bibong Bibo -Donnie Valenciano
Hawak Kamay -Tony Vanta
Liwanag sa Dilim (loudest voice) -Christian Fernandez

Video Awards per genre
Rock - Build's Order taker ( my favorite)
Pop - AST D's American Pie
Latin American - AST Marketing's Hero
HipHop/RnB - Prod services Stupid love

Our group didn't won but  it was ok . we should  use safeway logo next time .. hehe


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That's all!


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