Friday, October 20, 2006

Tony and Jackey

Last night, Bonj, Cza and I went to Tony and Jackey Salon to have my hair digitally permed.
Salon is spacious, lighting is very good and place is neat and in order; as for the equpments, it is absolutely high-tech, which really shows that the have advance hairstyling tecnique.

Beside the entrance are two PCs meant for customer or their company to kill time while waiting. At the side of it is the lounge (big couch by the way) which serve as the waiting area. They also offer free teas, coffees and water for everyone inside.

The one who fix my hair is Calvin, a korean who speak english pretty well, and who was previously employed as a director for a famous Korean salon in Australia. According to him , he was agreed to work here because he thought Philippines is one big Boracay and he was shocked upon arriving in Manila (too bad for him, but good for us of course) … I was wathcing him as he cut somebody else’s hair and it was teriffic... I am really amazed. *clap clap* I’ll probably going to have them next time.

Oh by the way, Tony and Jacky is a Korean salon, the salon hairdressers are all authentic ;-D Korean...

Tony and Jackey

G103 West of Ayala Bldg., Buendia Makati.
Tel. 843-7571
Cell. 0906-365-9155

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