Monday, May 1, 2006

Laiya Coco Grove Resort

Found this in my document archive,wrote this way way back for safeway philtech newsletter... added pix :)

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it. ~Russel Baker

Last April 28, 2006 was the well-attended Safeway Philtech Inc. Summer outing? A day for the dedicated employees to the leave their PC's behind for some fun in the sun. Unlike previous years, our company outing was held in Laiya Coco Grove Resort in San Juan Batangas. A place situated away from the hustle and bustle of Manila.

Three executive carriers were stationed at Valero St., everyone congregated and excitedly took their seats at around 6:00am. A bit of an exciting moment, however, arose for the men riding on one of the carriers as they were given the opportunity to flex their muscles. The vehicle, surprisingly, wouldn't start and they have to give it a little push to get it going, fortunately after a few hit they got the vehicle to start. The trip took us merely 2.5 to 3 hours but the event itself is quite a blast.

Everyone hurriedly searched for his or her designated cottages to leave their things. Morning snacks were served at once, followed by several games prepared by the organizers. Egg-catching, obstacle relay were some to name a few.

After the “ice-breakers”, we were broken into small groups and each enjoyed the different amenities the resort had to offer; most wanted to try the famous Fly Fox, while others opted to bathe in the sun first. A number jumped right into the warm swimming pool, as others jumped their hearts-out in the trampoline. Those who availed of the boat ride easily enjoyed the site the resort had to offer. The more adventurous ones tried snorkeling to appreciate underwater sites. The sporty ones played beach volleyball while some were contented by videoke-ing the day away.

After lunch, nominees for the best summer get-up were announced. Nominees for male category were Elbert Basa, Justin Gonzalez, LA Garcia Restito Barcebal,, Wilbert Sison , while for female category nominees include Anne Mabilangan, Eileen Refran, Kenneth Guevarra, Sarah Leopando and Sarah Teves. Each of them flaunted their summer outfit and fashionably struck their poses. The sexiest pose… I mean the best summer get-up goes to LA and Ken.

This year’s summer outing was really a good time for building team spirit. It feels good knowing I was there when it happened and it feels better knowing everyone enjoyed and had fun … can't wait till next year


Laiya Coco Grove Resort

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