Sunday, December 14, 2008

Your thoughts show

This was by our HR director... Make sense :)

Your thoughts show
Thoughts can feel like they are private and hidden deep inside of you. Yet they have an influence that extends far beyond you.

What if others could know what you were thinking? Would it change the content of your thoughts? In many ways, other people can and do know what you are thinking. Because your thoughts are faithfully expressed by the life you lead.

If you're constantly thinking negative, limiting thoughts, people will be able to tell just by looking at you and your life's conditions. In the same way, when you fill your mind with positive, empowering thoughts, that will be wonderfully obvious.

You might be able to hide the specific details of your thoughts. Yet you cannot hide the true nature of those thoughts. Your thoughts, whatever they may be, are expressed in every aspect of your life. Continually guide those thoughts to positive places, and your whole world will follow.

--- Ralph Marston

Just Sharing ;) That's all!


Anonymous said...

i was just thinking, if you keep on pushing thoughts to your subconscious, you may not know it but eventually it will show in your actions.

... maybe i'm putting too much to my subconscious. lol

Anonymous said...

mahilig pala magbasa at magforward ng mga junk mail HR niyo. :P hehehe j/k

mye said...

ei...i'm following your blog...please do follow mine..irrelevant ba comment ko? heheh

mye said...

why can't i follow your blog? error lagi... =(

escape said...

nice one. it makes a lot of sense and God reads our minds and our thoughts. so He knows what we really think. what's really in our heart.

mye said...

ayan...nafollow na kita

Unknown said...

what an insight... :)

Panaderos said...

Thanks for sharing this very nice write-up.

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Thanks and Merry Christmas to you, buddy. :)

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