Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The plan was simple....

EITHER I go to gym OR go to SPA after work... but I ended up having dinner at new bombay and then went straight home ... eeeekk!

Right now I can hear some children's singing christmas carols outside :D
Time goes by quickly, it's December...
December spells christmas spells traffic spells expenses :D
Also spells... LOVE... *nosebleed* haha!

I went to Divisoria with my mom and aunt yesterday... It was horribly exhausting and extremely crowded... I ended buying nothing because I was to dizzy... lol!


For some reason, some people are making me feel terrible... reads... schadenfreude (is pleasure taken from observing the misery of another) but at the end of the day are you really delighted?

That's all!


princess_dyanie said...

Christmas spells LOVE spells Dyanie alone again! Hahahhaha! :P

Just glad LOVE is LOVE w/o a partner! Chos! :P

Oliboy's Adventures said...

click click alien!

new bombay is yummy! where are the pics? :)

tapang nyo going to divi ah! hahaha!

human nature ang shadenfreude... we all do it alien! hahaha!

magclick na lang tayo! :)

Cza said...

Ngiti na lang :)

ALiNe said...

@princess dyanie- bata ka pa naman e...haha!

@Olibear- Salamuch! grabe nga yung divi na drain ako.... sige clicky click click...lol


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