Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Butcher's Best Barbeque

Per Francis and Margie's recommendation, Butcher's best barbeque is one of The City of Golden Friendship must try restaurant.

Ambiance is canteen type, you can opt to dine inside the air conditioned room or outside if you want fresh air, but either ways you will smell like smoke food after eating, mainly because they offer variety of grilled food selection.

Menu is just one laminated page and if you can see the price, their food affordable and some are good to share.

Food: Our friends suggested/market two items so we "buy":

Original sisig -chopped and grilled or broiled pig's head) for PHP75

Sinug wOW - Grilled pork belly served with soy sauce and onions. PHP65
Nothing really special about the meal, just so-so. Uhmmm I haven't tried their barbeque though. But with the price of food that is below PHP100 and considering that some are good for sharing.... WHOA! This resto will definitely last long.

Butcher's best Barbeque
#87 Hayes St. Cagayan de Oro,Philippines

That's all


Oliboy's Adventures said...

hahaha! ok yung first picture! pwede kang model ng butcher's best! hahaha!

the food looks great and i must say, cheap! now to go to CDO or wait for butcher's best to come here to manila! hahaha! :)

ALiNe said...

Ginaya ko lang yung poster e..hehe! ;p

Yeah cheap indeed... CDO is near bukidnon mga 30 mins away ... haha! so ayan na itenerary mo CDO, bukidnon, camiguin..hehe!

Anonymous said...

starving!!!! food food and more food!!! and now im getting fat. i dont know if jogging twice a week in U.P oval works for me anymore. coz of FOOOOD!!!

yeah i hope that butcher's best will have its branch in the metro.
particularly in rcbc 3rd floor!!!


Oliboy's Adventures said...

pwede! thanks for planning my trip! hahaha! di lang food enthusiast, travel planner pa! :)

ALiNe said...

Craven- Wow Jogging ;) Good luck!

Oliboy- You are welcome ..hehe! Travel planner? Not a bad idea =p

Lazarus said...

haha, i've been to this place. puno ng tao.

ALiNe said...

Ahaha! Really? Yung nagpunta ako ndi naman or was it because lunch time yun :P

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