Friday, February 8, 2008

Persia Grill

I do crave for Persian cuisine, well sometimes...

Anyway here in Makati there's this resto named Persia grill, the place is quite small; per my approximation it can only accommodate 30 pax. It has a couch/bed (?) in the corner, where you can eat while Indian seating. There are some Persian ornaments such as Shisha (not really sure if you can rent it though) and some Persian painting on the wall.

The food is somehow affordable (P150 and up); As the name suggest they served great munch of Persian cuisine such as kebab, Abgousht, chelo, biryani, lamb chop, shawarma … and to those who opt not to eat smelly Persian cuisine they also cater Filipino favorites such as chicken Barbeque and grilled boneless bangus (milk fish). Ugh, just in case, I want to point out their food is somewhat buttery(butter on everything)....

Amazingly for a Persian restaurant it is well ventilated…you will not leave smelling like your food... Good exhaust indeed. Clap clap!

Ohhh... sorry I can't locate the pictures of food... I'll post it next time because I'll definitely go back to this place... as in ;)

Persia Grill, Valero St.
Valero Carpark Valero St. Salcedo Village
Makati City, Metro Manila

That's all!


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