Friday, February 15, 2008

Post Valentine post

Finally, I'm back to working human hours again and in some sort I felt happy even though that there's a strange sensation of jetlag (ha-ha!)

Judgment day will start tomorrow and I am having mixed emotions now...exciting, nervous, bothersome, hysterical… finally, finally project deployment... hopefully it’ll turn out good, otherwise we'll be crying out loud. Arvic, Daiz, Edu and Rex – Let’s celebrate after this =)

Valentine’s Day? I spent it with this two- PC and bed... Yeap, I was working yesterday from 10 pm of the 13th till 3 pm of yesterday and since I was friggin’ tired I was sleeping the whole day and night after... Sorry Belle I wasn't able to follow in Alba...

Oh yeah, I wasn't expecting to receive stuff this V day but sinceI have thoughtful friends...

Thank you!

Albert, I really thought you were joking… It’s just funny you sent the confirmation code with the cost on it…ha-ha! -What’s up? We’ll I’m tired but still shiny as before and feeling old because of your dedication

Beam, don’t worry I will not throw “them” away… and THAT THAT… hahah! I really look sleepy =)

That's All!


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