Sunday, June 1, 2008


Zigurrat means food temple... It is a unique restaurant in the heart of Makati (near red light district) which serve diverse cuisines - Indian, Mediterrenean, African and mideast dishes. The place is small and simple with colorful and detailed interiors showcasing of Islamic/Arabic arts.With open area where you can enjoy fresh air(?) or have some shisha/hookah or just enjoy their delectable dishes in their air-conditioned area.

Menu is presented in a gazette (news paper) with amazingly over 300 dishes on it.... Our food adventure starts with Mezzo mezze. P300 - four favorite mezzes served on a special mediterrenean tile includes hummus, mutabbal, jazac, mahroussa and three pieces of khobiz.

Jordanian rice.
P90- These basmati rice cooked just right, with butter, vermecelli and almonds - it is simply amazing.

Couscous T*faya lamb.P325- The lamb is juicy; taste like adobo to me with a twist of honey...

Ethiopian Chicken We't.P375 - Chicken dish served in chicken porcelain platter/jar- Cute! These dish is very tasty a little spicy with a hint of butter and curry... YUM!
Small platter. P285 - contains mixed kebabs such as chicken tika and beef kuftemiz with grilled tomato. I would say that their kebabs was really tasteful

Oh, Zigurrat is truly a very nice hangout place and they're open 24 hours. NICE!

Ground Level Sunette Tower, Tigris cor. Euphrates Sts. Makati Ave., Makati city.
(Near burgos st. behind north park next door)

That's All!


Oliboy's Adventures said...

i love ziggurat! super yummy food! i love their spicy hot sauce! :)

ALiNe said...

Oliboy- the hotsauce is extremely spicy... hooo!

Anonymous said...

i like ziggurat and love the hookah! :D

by the way, i wasn't able to visit Apt 1B this week coz my feet led me to Balducci instead. hehe.

ALiNe said...

Dyosa- I was excited for you pa naman ;) Next time ulit ...hehe!

Anonymous said...

not to worry, i will visit Apt 1B next week! hehe. :D

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