Thursday, June 19, 2008

50% on Brother's burger....

I'm passing this around... Hope you guys can enjoy the 50% off


A Special Treat to Remember! Mark(X) your calendar on Monday, June 23, 2008
! Brothers Burger celebrates HAMBURGER DAY! ENJOY delicious BIG BROTHERS
BURGER at 50% off (dine-in and take out only!), at all branches nationwide
from 11:00 am
to 10 pm. It's a scrumptious feast that no Brothers Burger fan
can resist. Bring your family and friends, let us all be part of Brothers
Burger Hamburger Day! Our way of thanking you for allowing us to be your
preferred Burger for the past 9 years!!!

That's All!


Calv said...

syaks. gulat ako pero nakita ko half pounder lang yung kasali. grilled chicken yung gusto ko dun eh. pero sige ipagkakalat ko rin ito. lapit kami sa convergys ayala branch.


ALiNe said...

hmmm.... malapit ka lang sa convergys? San ka nag wowork? dun din ako malapit e :P

The Dork One said...

oww mahhh god!!!!

i'm craving na.

gotta run there!!!!

ALiNe said...

Leviuqse- Hehe! wait until Monday to avail 50% off.. sayang! ;) Thanks for the visit

Anonymous said...

pa-burger ka naman!

...burger! ...burger! ...burger!


Anonymous said...

tamang tama... i miss brother's burgers... nagugutom tuloy ako.

ALiNe said...

@R- dapat ikaw yun kasi may bago kang baby :P BURGER! BURGER! BURGER!

@Ifoundme- Lapit na ang monday!!! ;)

Calv said...

number 1 result sa google itong site mo with "50% brother's burger" as keyword. hehehe. sa akin yung 2nd pero nakatago sa :P

ALiNe said...

Pinoywebsurfer - Ayos yun ah! :P

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