Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Scoozi cucina Italiana

I remembered ranting about scoozi not so long ago... While chatting with Chef Archie Juanta 2 Fridays ago, he asked me about my opinion about Scoozi in RCBC; Overtly I told him my about my disappointment, I tried it once but didn't like it and have no plans of eating there again ... In the course of conversation he mentioned that it has a new chef and that we should try it out again...

Believing one of my fave chefs .read. Chef Archie, we tried it again... Hmmmm, surprisingly, the food tasted way way way BETTER than before, yet with slightly higher price. Pasta cost P80 while the main meal with two sidings is from P125-150. Not bad e?... we’ll be having our lunch there again and again… Good job chef Cris(new chef)!

Scoozi Cucina Italiana
3rd floor, RCBC plaza podium
Ayala cor. Buendia, Makati City

That's All!


Anonymous said...

Somehow I ended up laughing at this post...Just remembered something Arch told me about Scoozi..:) Hope you're well! See you around, Claire

ALiNe said...

Claire!!! Welcome to my blog =) Parang nakakatakot yung something ah..hehe! I'll see you around!

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