Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gilak by hussein

Persiana in greenbelt 3 is gone but another Persian resto took place, Gilak by Hossein.

This is similar to Hossein’s family resto (which is well-known for its Indian, Arabian, and Persian dishes) but with a different name; according to our server Gilak is the place where the owner (Hossein) came from.

The place is prim and soothing with a touch Persian/Indian feel, service is impeccable and food is fantastic, but I'm a bit sneering about the price - a meal with drinks would cost around P800/pax.

Chelou Barg Kebab.P570. - There's something about the Persian food which I truly enjoy.... must be the buttered rice or the appetizing smell of kebab or must be the grilled red tomato. The tenderloin itself was juicy and tasty, it was cooked the way I want it- "medium hotness"; My meal was satisfying, although it could have had much better if it comes with with onion/yogurt sauce...

That's All!

Gilak by hossein
2/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza St., Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila


Anonymous said...

i saw this resto the very first day it opened. of course, i checked out the menu. medyo steep nga yung price eh, that's why i'm having 2nd thoughts of dining there, lalo na may alam akong super affordable place where i can get good Persian meals. siguro when i visit GB3 again. i might try Gilak pag nasa mood. :D

ALiNe said...

hahah... over priced compared to behrouz and mister kebab but the serving is much bigger without the sauce :( Try it sometimes especially when your in the area and craving for persian food.

Con-Con San said...

i like the spices in persian food. and yes, the steaming hot rice with butter is an indulgent treat!

Panaderos said...

This place looks like it deserves a visit. :)

ALiNe said...

Oliver BSA- Butter rice=cholesterol =YUMYUM...hahaha!

Panaderos- visit it soon :)

pacrim chef said...

I was told that the place to be for evening relaxation is the Greenbelt. Being from out of town and a food aficionado, 'Gilak' draw my attention for its exotic name. Yes siree! its a pleasurable place to dine, casually and an affable atmosphere ....Try Hussein's home made 'yogurt' will knock your socks off! truly delightful

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