Saturday, June 14, 2008

Charming Baldemor: Food photography

I was invited to Lime 88 event last May 26, 2008; Introduction of Charming Baldemor as the country’s prime food photographer. I was able to witness how she and her food stylist consistently paid close attention to details… Here's a sample pix taken from Charming Baldemor multiply site (I hope you don't mind).

Anyway here’s feature release from Tes Lariosa:


True artistry indeed runs in the blood with the famous Baldemor family hailing from Paete, Laguna as one scion claims to make a name for herself in the digital arts, particularly photography and digital imaging. Charming Baldemor Photography and Digital Imaging is everything and more as the company carries the significant name of its proprietor and the well-known surname of some of the country’s highly-respected and favored artists.

Inspired with a vision of making a mark as an artist and a professional, Charming Baldemor took her artistry where her name has yet to be known. With blessings from her artist parents, Charlie and Evelyn, Charming started the company in 2000 armed only with an artist’s trained eye and the knowledge she gathered under the tutelage of experts, namely, Dominique James, Ibarra Deri and Mark Floro. Then located in Legazpi Village, Makati City, Charming Baldemor Photography and Digital Imaging started off with just a few known clients, with no specific requirements as to the type of photography needed.

But as the company grew in expertise and Ms. Baldemor herself found the need to expand her know-how in the field, a more focused professional services company evolved. Charming Baldemor Photography and Digital Imaging offers:

  • Commercial Photography (Fashion, Portrait, Product, Food)
  • Creative and Digital Imaging
  • Corporate and Business Graphics
  • Coaching and Mentoring Programs

“Although we are quite flexible with our services, my main passion lies in Food Photography,” Ms. Baldemor interjects. “I feel it challenges me as a photographer and as an artist as well. The attention to detail, light and shadows is part of what makes Food Photography an art in itself.”

Ms. Baldemor started her training using oil as medium. Her clientele includes Dentista, Inc., Chef d’Angelo and St. Paul’s College, Pasig. For pricing and rate card, please call Charming Baldemor at (+63917) 882-8746.

For more information, pls. contact: Tes Lariosa at 09209048659

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Anonymous said...

nice pix

ALiNe said...

Ang galing nga e ;-)

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