Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Workey workey eat eat

All work, no play but definitely we wouldn't missed good eating.

Monday I was asking Rommel about certain Italian resto when we started to feel hungry, so after a few minutes of chitchatting in MOC, we headed straight to Amici de don bosco and have yummy yummy pizza and pasta. Ohhhh yeah I also have my UCC’s blueberry cheesecake that night.

Tuesday was mangojito day for us, our original plan was to watch pinoy flick but ended up having dinner at GB3's Banana leaf curry house and chill-out a little at Cafe Havana.

Noticed that I haven't taken food pictures and I am sorry. I did remember taking pictures but that was after we ate...we must be really really hungry. Anywooo, I will be blogging about some details about banana leaf and cafe havana next time.

AnaBelly – you are missed. But surely you are having fun there. Pasalubong!

That's All!


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