Friday, November 16, 2007


Love is accident waiting to happen.

Desire is a stranger you think you know.

Intimacy is is a lie we tell our self.

Truth is a game you play to win.

If you do believe in love at first sight, you'll never stop looking.

I've happened to re-watched 2004 movie closer in DVD last night, starring Julia Robert (Anna), Nathalie Portman (Alice), Jude Law (Dan) and Clive Owen (Larry). Like before I find closer fascinating… It is a talky but no shabby adult drama film; it is an honest movie that tackles real issues... I like the scene turnarounds, on how users become victims and vices versa. It navigates emotional extremes and eyelovet!

Ooohh... I just remembered I'm in love with Jude Law...Gorgeous!

Click here for synopsis

That's all!


Poksie said...

gandang movie...

fave line -
"'coz im a f$%#!n caveman!!!"

ALiNe said...

haha! nakakarelate ka sa line na yan ha =)

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