Thursday, November 22, 2007

Starbucks 2008 planner

Please don't mind my eyebags, I've been working like ____ (fill in the blank) and been sleeping like a fish lately. But anyway I've got my Starbucks coffee 2008 planner yesterday... lurkey, lurkey! :-) Yeahhhhhba...haha!

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By the way, happy thanks giving!

That's all!


giehar said...

I am at The Medical City 3x a week for hemodialysis and I always buy 2 cups of coffee at the Starbucks so I can rack up the stickers. Take note, I could save by buying myself a large venti size coffee but I buy 2 short sizes to get more stickers.

For the last 2 weeks or so, my maid [who buys the coffee] has been forgetting to bring the sticker card. HOWEVER, the crew at Starbucks insist that this is okay since we can, according to them, combine the stickers from more than one promo card.

This morning, I ordered coffee #24. I was excited to finally get the planner.

My maid came back with the coffee BUT WITH NO PLANNER. Why? Apparently, you can only combine the stickers from NOT MORE THAN 2 PROMO CARDS. Since most of my stickers are in 2 promo cards and 6 are spread across four others, they say I do not qualify despite the fact that I have already bought 24 cups of coffee. I was upset!

I have to admit, the rules clearly say "maximum of 2 promo cards" on the card itself. It probably is my fault for not reading it. BUT, why did the crew say otherwise? Was it so hard to remind us that only 2 cards can be combined? What's with the "Don't ask, don't tell" attitude?

This doesn't really pose such a big problem for me, 'coz I will definitely be buying more coffee the next time I'm at the hospital. I'll probably qualify for 2 planners by the time the promo ends. BUT what about the other buyers who don't know about this rule, who are trying so hard to buy 24 cups of coffee just to get the planner? What happens when they buy cup #24 like I did, and the cashier tells them "Sorry, despite buying 24 expensive cups of coffee, you STILL don't qualify 'coz your stickers are spread across more than 2 cards"? What difference does it make if I have 24 cards with 1 sticker in each one or 1 card with 24 stickers in it? Either way, I bought the required quantity of coffee!

I texted my other friends who were also accumulating stickers to get the planner and they also didn't know about the 2 card maximum rule. They didn't even know that you must buy 12 regular coffees and 12 christmas flavors to get the planner. My point is that despite the fact that they said so in the rules, nobody really reads the rules and it would be much easier if their crew told us about this rule up front, because this is apparently a VITAL RULE to qualify for the planner. You don't hide this rule amidst the fine print, hiding in plain sight!

When the nurse saw I was kind of upset over what happened, she jokingly said, "Don't get upset, it's only a planner. You can buy them real cheap at National Bookstore, much cheaper when the new year begins." She has a point, but that isn't the point. I could care less about the planner, I dont intend to use it. My point is I felt I was victimized by this promo to buy more coffee!

Another annoying thing is, part of the proceeds from this promo will supposedly go to charity, So they are actually trying to make you buy more coffee thinking that it's for a "worthy cause". I don't mind giving to charity, but I dont appreciate the fraudulent tactics.

ALiNe said...

Giehnar- Awww! :( I didn't knew that either. But reading the mechanics again, it state that only 2 promo cards can be combined. The crew was misleading though.

You Get well .. oki?

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