Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oliver's super baked potato

I've always liked sandwiches from "Oliver's super sandwiches". I love the fact that they served the thing called quality and quantity sandwiches and the fact that they have wide assortment of gourmet, deluxe & grilled sandwiches, salad, baked potatoes, pasta, fruits and cakes is definitely a plus to me. And the fact that there is a newly opened Oliver's here in RCBC plaza makes me feel uhmmm I dunno... excited or joyous perhaps...ha-ha!

Anyway after a long working day, I was actually craving for good food to somewhat ease my tiredness, so I roamed the whole RCBC podium with Francois and ended up ordering baked potato with herbed and cheese and dalandan juice at Oliver’s... it was my 1st time to try their baked potato, reaction? Whoa! Perfect…My craving was definitely satisfied.

That's all!


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