Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Screechy Scoozi

In spite of my busy work schedule, I’m writing a quick blog now. Because I'm ranting about the newly opened Italian food place here in RCBC plaza called Scoozi. I ordered for chicken parmigiana with mashed potato and seasonal veggies, it cost P100 and comes in black styro package... Why I'm ranting? Coz It doesn't really feel right... there's nothing really special about the chicken parmigiana plus the tomato sauce and cheese topping is less, and the mashed potato =(…it was so bland...tsktsk! We (yes we) ended up buying dessert/ having 2nd lunch after.. just so to satisfy ourselves.

But to be fair to Scoozi, according to one of my Colleague, their pasta is good... Well I might try their pasta next time... but not too soon, I guess.

That’s all!


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