Thursday, November 29, 2007


Cafe Havana is a resto-bar that serves authentic Cuban and Spanish dishes. There are several branches of Café havana here in Manila but I’ve been going to Greenbelt 3 branch. What can I say?

Ok, Ok, Good side first. Cafe Havana serves good food, well I personally lurve their tender juicy steak (yummy), good music (Jazz, Latin, Congo), nice chill-out place especially after tiring work days... And this:

Mojito and Mangojito are definitely love.

NOW, with the cost exception, the real bad side for me is that, most foreigners flocked together in this place, nope I have no problem with aliens but this place is packed with prostitutes. I just hate the fact that the resto-bar is becoming red-district at night time. Gawd, there are lots of woman and gay (post-op or pre-op I’m not sure) ,but they are really foxy, I mean fox-ier than those woman… I’m kinda wondering though if foreigner knew that they are man back then…ALL RIGHT, enough now, I shall stop here.

3 Level I
Ayala Center, Makati City.
Metro Manila, Philippines

Tel No: 632-7574371
Click here for list of branches

That's all!


docemdy said...

That's a real turn-off. I won;t be going there at all even if the food is great.

ALiNe said...

Em yeah major turn-off but It is an wholesome place during the day. hahah! So during lunchie lunchie nalang ;-)

Anonymous said...

u didnt invite me to drink mangojitos:(

ALiNe said...

:) We'll do it next time

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