Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cafe Breton

Cafe Breton has been around for quite a while; well the name has become one of "our" favorite spots back then. Nope, I’m not really reminiscing here or some sort, but it has been long since the last time I actually ate there and I never thought that I missed the place, not until last Monday, when Donna celebrated her b-day with me at GB3's Breton... Whoa! The taste is still the same and I've fallen back again...

For our main course:

Galette bretone is made up of Spinach shrimp sautéed with crab meat, fresh cream and gruyere cheese; this is perfect, not unless you have allergic reaction to seafood.

And La magnifique! for dessert - Banana, nutella, whipped cream topped with almonds... How can you ever go wrong?


La pinay and blueberries and cream crepes are love too … Mmmmmm!

Cafe Breton
Greenbelt 3 ,Ground Level Ayala Center Makati City
Tel. 757-4125, 757-4124, 809-6805

For other branches click here

That's all!


omaritosan said...

I miss cafe breton!

ALiNe said...

Balik na dito ..haha!

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