Saturday, January 5, 2008

Post Christmas

It's a brand new year and we are still BUSY, and sadly will be on night shift for like one month or worst more months... sigh!

Again, I'm really swamp and drowning :( pardon for not posting a sagacious entry...

Post Christmas/Pre New year(?) ; It was spent meeting up with dear friends, and of course pig-out... I swear my stomach had expanded and I am gaining weight...

Anyway, leaving you with some pix.

After the Badminton session...
yeah, I'm playing it once again although I missed yoga and boxing

Dinner with HS friends at Shangri-La's Cravings
Cravings is located @ 5F Shangri-La Plaza Mall- Eat-all-you-can at the soup and salad bar when you order their main course, so far their steaks are good.

Omakase dinner with another set of HS buddies
One of my favorite Japanese resto but I was a little disappointed by the service in Timog or was it because of huge customer turnover that time.

For more details visit Anton's site

Family New Year dinner
Dinner will always be enjoyable with the whole family :)

Ugh, I don't usually cook but I did for year end family dinner *wink wink*

Happy three kings everyone!

That's All!


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