Tuesday, January 8, 2008

JR's bday bash - lime88

Last Saturday, Rommel just turned a year older and a year wiser:
And he celebrate his big day at Lime 88:
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There were free food and overflowing wine, ok I said wine so just look at the wine..harhar: Lurkey lurkey, it was one hell of a fun night:
And they have their own version of having fun e? Nice shot :)

Even the kewl crew of Lime 88 plus the super generous chef Archie is having fun, see:

Again, Thanks Romel for the awesome night!!!

Hmmmm I supposed to write a long entry about that night, but I'm too busy and feeling sick. I blame it to Rommel and Iggy who just gave me and Dona cough and colds... sigh! sigh! sigh!

Mike Lec- Haller??? Despedida? =p

Lime 88: Street food with a twist
160 San Rafael st.
City, Metro Manila

That's all!


Rommel Diaz of Cinematic Concepts said...

ang saya saya! ;) thanks aline! and hawa? di nako inuubo at sipon noh. ;) si iggy lang nanghawa.

ALiNe said...

Thanks din =) Grabe virus nyo

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