Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baja Mexican Cantina

We were there last Friday ... read some not so good review but still want to try it myself.

Baja Mexican Cantina is a welcome addition to the Greenbelt 3 dining scenery. It offers variety of Mexican food and cocktails at affordable (compare to other resto in GB) price.

Their staffs were friendly, courteous and attentive. The service was quick.


Tortilla soup.P85 - Creamy type tortilla soup, the taste is flavorful but a bit too spicy.

Carne asada nachos.P245 - The serving was small, nacho chips were not crispy but was tolerable...

Regular Soft Taco.P75- The ground meat was tasty; but it’s just way (again) too small. I can eat 3-4 pieces of it in one sitting.
Spicy Chicken quesadillas.P145
Pescado ala vera cruz. Pan fried fish fillet with baja sauce and black beans.P265. The fish was fresh, the dish was spicy- my friend who ordered this was disappointed.

Chicken Burrito. P185 - The food description reads Shredded chicken in adobo sauce and cheese. Unlike other burrito, their burrito doesn’t have rice nor beans, which I find weird and an extra sourcream cost P15. But in fairness the taste was just ok (according to Rols).

Overall, Food prices are reasonable but the most important thing during a soft opening was not met - which is food quality. It really needs to be improved. Anyway, I would come back to this place next time; I think they deserve a second chance.

To Baja: Your official receipt state " for comments and suggestion please call ***Thank You*** " but no phone number was written :)

That's All!

Baja Mexican Cantina
3rd Floor Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center
Makati City


witsandnuts said...

Looks like I should not prioritize this one the next time I visit GB. But in the photos, all looked yummy!

Dennis Villegas said...

Looks good and delicious! I'd better try this next time I go to Greenbelt.
Anyway I missed reading your blog. I guess I must back read on some of the entries ;)

philos said...

Hehe... Maybe they're not ready for those scathing remarks?

Let me know if they improve with age. :)

escape said...

wow to tacos! sometimes i want to learn to make my own so i can enjoy it at home.

ChaCha said...

mexican really isn't my favorite so maybe i'll skip eating here for now.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

There's plenty of Mexican restaurants in NY, especially in Queens where a big chunk of immigrants from across the border live. I should start sampling some of their dishes.

Calv said...

man at P75 those tacos are indeed small. mag mexicali na lang ako. i guess the place is a flop for now after seeing two unfavorable reviews about it.

shella said...

inggit ako i've been craving for mexican but i don't think there's no decent one that is accessible for me.

Photo Cache said...

I love Mexican food, but that fish vera cruz is so different from the one I have eaten in Baja and the one I have dwnld to cook at home.

I love fish vera cruz, yummy.

Oman said...

wow. now i crave for a tortilla or something mexican.

lagi mo kami ginugutom lol.

Anonymous said...

Guys there has been a lot of talk about rice in burrito. Let me just clarify that rice in burrito is only a filler to make a burrito bigger thats why mexican places here put rice.
To nomadic pinoy: I also live in nyc for a long time and spent some time in san diego and the good mexican joints don't serve rice in their burritos right? I've just been having this discussions with my friends since moving back here. Heres a site which teaches you how to make a good chicken burrito so you can enjoy it at your own home and its easy to make. try it out and let me know how it turns out. You can adjust the amounts of the ingredients depending on your preference :) Enjoy!

Jerome :)

Anonymous said...

hmmmm... let us know what you think about the food as soon as you visit this resto again so that we will know if it deserves our "first time" visit.

mye said...

hahaha! kaya walang phone para di ka makapag comment. hehehe

Anonymous said...

I'd have to say, this place is close to the restaurants in LA. i think philippines is confused of what the taste of mexican food is. i feel bad for the owners. i loved it. mexican is not for everyone but it's for me.

ana6elle said...

hurray! sa manana boracay nalang =) charap charap! better than mexicali. - anonyb

BrailledSkin said...

Mas nagustuhan ko pa Mexicali.

goodfor2 said...

we hope they can improve in time

ALiNe said...

@Philos- Maybe...

@Dong- DIY Taco - Buy ready made salsa, then ground Beef(giniling).. SOLB na kahit wala ng veggies and cheese , try mo .. hehe!

@Chacha- Pag pumunta ka ng LA try mo Mexican Resto.. sarap

@Nomadic Pinoy- Yeah, try it... Btw have you tried 23rd and 6th, would love to try it when I go to NY... what you say?

@Calvin- Ang liit pa , hehehe@

@Shella- Haha! I think there's chilis there, yun nalang :)

@Photo Cache- Me too I love mexican food... it's tasty but their Fish veracruz version daw is not that yummy.. heheh!

@lawstude- Hahah! di naman, minsan di na nga ako nakakapag update e.. heheh!

@Jerome- Thanks for the info. I didn't try burrito in San diego, but in LA there was.

@Ifoundme- haha! oo ba :)

@Mye- heehee baka nga!

@Ana6elle- di ko pa natrttry yun Manana pag punta ko nga ng Bora...

@BrailledSkin- haha! Sabi mo nga but I don't like mexiali much... hee hee!

@Goodfor2- I hope so too...

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