Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tam O'Shanter Inn

I'm a big fan of steak so is my boo... We're suppose to go to Lawry's but reservation was full so we opted for Tam O' Shanter Inn. Tam O'Shanter and Lawry's have the same owner and have almost the same set in their menu(well that's according to them) but different ambiance; Lawry's is more expensive...

The place has an old pub atmosphere, dim,warm and cozy. It has a spacious reception area with fire place...

The receptionist accompanied us to our spot, we were seated on a thick wooden booth at the corner fronting their kitchen nearing the bar, to which according to our server was the favorite spot of Walt Disney; and the interior in front of us was where Walt's (yesss, close!) copied the interiors of " Snow white and the 7 dwarfs" house.
The one who served us was accommodating and friendly, like every server there, she wore Scottish attire which added Scottish castle effect to the place. Service was great!

The bread that came along with butter was good and chewy, it was free which made it better :D

We ordered for Prime ribs in Tam O'Shanter's cut- For $35.00 (P1700 est.) , served with mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, horseradish and your choice of salad or cup of soup, creamed spinach or creamed corn. For the price and combo- definitely worth it.
Medium rare as we like it, the cut was thick, size was huge, the meat was tender and juicy... Every bite was wonderful, the tasty drip of the sauce was just perfect.

There's nothing to rave about their mashed potato but it was normal; the cream of corn was exceptional.

Being a soup lover I am, of course I chose soup over salad... French onion soup! The cheese was not so well done as I like but the broth was perfect, wine was not overpowering; overall, it was Heavy, hot and flavorsome.... Separate order cost $6.00 (P300 est.) a bowl.

I've actually had no room for dessert but tried a few scoop of their chocolate souffle; The little round chocolate was bursting with rich melted choco inside which was not too sweet, was not gooie and was served fresh from the oven. P lurve it.... Just in case you want to order this, you have to order at the same time you order your meal, this to allow the fresh baking process. * Sorry, forgot how much*

No wonder it is a legend, imagine a resto running for more than 8 decade... WOW! Hmmm is there an 8 decade old resto here in Manila? Just a thought...

That's All!

Tam O'Shanter Inn
2980 Los Feliz Blvd Los Angeles, CA
(001)( 323) 664-022
Click here for more info.


Calv said...

masubukan ngang kumain dyan. ay US pala yan. :P

Oliboy's Adventures said...

wow! parang gulliver's! yum! :)

mye said...

sarap naman nyan! hindi mo pa ko sinasama kumain hahaha...

Anonymous said...

antagal kong naglinger sa first statement.. 'my boo'.. awwwwww! ^_^

ang sarap ng steak!!! dito pag ganyan kakapal e for sure mahal. =p at dahil tagtipid ako.. goodbye steak muna. huhuhuhu.

Sidney said...

Looks yummy... all those pictures make me hungry!

Anonymous said...

ang mahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal.


ALiNe said...

@Calvin- Try mo gullivers! or kahit yung steak sa gaudi... pero pwede ka din pumunta LA ..hehe!

@Oliboy- heheh! oo nga, although super tagal na ako di nakakain dun.

@Mye- Tara food trip tayo next time! Tas patingin din ng kambal mo sa totoong buhay, sa pix ko sila lagi nakikita e...

@Cza- oo nga e, good for 2 na yan kaya mura lang, hehehe!

@Sidney- Me too, I was craving for those when I was writing it.

@Tortangtagalog- Medyo medyo pero ok naman sulit sya.

ana6elle said...

buti nalang ndi ako masyadong mahilig sa steak ahehe. oo naman madaming resto na more than 8 decades old na here in the Phil..ito oww..

3) MA MON LUK (since 1920)
5) ARISTOCRAT (since 1936)


Reena said...

hi. tnx for dropping by my blog.

so i guess you're in the US? ang lalaki talaga ng servings nila. my sis and i can't finish one order. siguro we ate 1/4 for an entire order lang!

sometimes you wonder why they're uhm, big eh, diba? and think of how much waste there is from unfinished meals...

Anonymous said...

hi aline.u had a delicious food i think its great to c u in my blog.thanks for the visit and the comment.i ahve added u as i said.will keep in touch.

Stanley said...

Thanks for dropping by. Never tried chocolate souffle before but it looks good! Cheers =)

ALiNe said...

@ana6elle -Aba andami pala... Yung aristocrat , di na ganun ka ok now, anliit pa ng servings :(

@Reena- Anlaki nga nun servings dun , nagulat ako dun sa regular fries nila sa mcdo...hehehe! Andito na pala ako sa Pinas :)

@Stanley- go try the chocolate soufle you'll love or hate it :D

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