Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese horoscope for 2009...Kung hei fat choi!

Happy Chinese New Year!!! It's the year of the earth ox.

Another not so good year ahead of me... but I'm having positive thoughts!

people shouldn't have a good luck in 2008, year of Rat. This is because Horse and Rat have fighting relationship. That means many problems in 2008 were required strong willpower and persisting patience to overcome. Some of those obstacles or troubles in 2008 will carry over to 2009, year of Cow. The first half of the year, Horse people still need to handle things slowly and surely and to avoid face-to-face conflict with your opponent. In the second half of the year, your money luck and career luck will be much stable. But it's still not the optimistic time yet. You need to stay alert on your job, investment and health.

Career: There are many Unlucky Stars showing in career area in 2009. The signs indicate that you cannot concentrate on your daily work quite often. Because the company personnel's struggling and department coordination's problems, so people won't help each other, which will impact your job performance. The schedule of business or project will be slow down. You will have the pressure that people blame on your performance. Fortunately, there also is a strong Lucky Moon Star appearing in 2009. That means someone will show up to support and help you to solve the problems of entanglement. So you cam escape from those troubles and will work back into the normal track.

Money: A big Unlucky Star from 2008 is gone, but a tiny Unlucky Star appears in 2009. This means that the money luck of Horse people is still struggling. The career is a big factor to determine your money luck. Since you don't have a good sign in career, you shouldn't expect your income will increase from there. Because the company might have the financial issue, you just have to pay attention on your words and deeds to save your job position. Also, you shouldn't expect any windfall. Any risky investment will make you as a loser. When we cannot increase the income, then we have to cut our expense. This is the only way to balance the budget in 2009.

Love: There is a Love Star coming in 2009. However, this Love Star is not a Marriage Star. That means you have a chance to meet someone you like. Both of you will produce the passion in love. But this relationship won't last too long. If you are married or already in love, then it's possible that a third party will involve your love relationship. Remember that your money luck is poor. If you cannot to handle the temptation, you might have to spend some money to end this short term relationship in the end.

Health: Unlucky Hurting and Disease Stars still gather in 2009. The signs indicate illness, exhaustion, panic, fright or weakness coming to people. If you have poor health in 2008, your health won't have any improvement this year. Horse people must make sure have enough sleep during the night. Otherwise, they will have weak energy and weak resistance against the disease. Plus, you might have more social hours in your nightlife and not pay attention on your eating and drinking. Then, the headache and digestive system will often bother you in 2009.

Fortune: In general, Horse people don't have a good luck in 2009, but their luck have significant improvement when comparing with 2008. However, you still need to focus on your moves all the time to prevent any mistakes caused by neglect. Luckily, whenever you encounter the big difficulty, someone will appear to solve the problem for you. Therefore, you shouldn't give up anything when troubles come to challenge you. As long as you follow the rule and insist the principle, you will be fine in the year of the Cow.


Sheep people had a better luck than most of people in 2008, year of Rat. All career, money, love and health had good news to them last year. However, the year of Cow will be different. This is because Cow and Sheep have fighting relationship, which could bring things turbulent. Sheep people need to pay attention at work, at home or traveling to avoid argument, lawsuit, blooding, accident or money loss. In general, they have to spend lots of effort to overcome many hardship in 2009.

Career: Since the fighting relationship between Sheep and Cow, Sheep people shouldn't have great career performance in 2009. There is no Lucky Star appearing, but many Unlucky Stars coming to career area in year of 2009. This is very unfavorable to your job position. Your job duty will be heavier. The difficulty level of the task will be higher. The schedule of the project will be tighter. Unexpected obstacles will come to you. The progress of the plan will be slowing down. You will be losing trust from your boss. Also, you will involve the issue on company personnel coordination. Then, you cannot concentrate on your daily business. Therefore, you don't have the chance and time to show off your job ability. If the company has financial trouble, then you have to find a way to save your position.

Money: Career is always the major factor to determine the money luck. If your career luck is poor, then you shouldn't expect any extra income from your job. There is a Broken Star in the money area. That means it's hard to accumulate the wealth in this year. You might lose money since gambling, wrong business deal, risky investment or accident. Whatever you earn, you will spend it at the end and you won't have any extra savings. Therefore, you need to think about balancing the budget before spending money in 2009.

Love: Neither a Love Star nor an Unlucky Star is coming in love area this year. Therefore the love fortune for Sheep people is fair this year. Your partner will complaint about your attitude on your love relationship because of your constantly absence of mind. Maybe the pressure from your job, you don't have good temper like before and lose your passion in love. In order to keep your love relationship, you need to pay attention on your words and deeds.

Health: The fighting relationship between Sheep and Cow always brings something to trouble people. Too much worry could bring people illness. If you are senior, then you have to watch for your health this year. Whenever feeling uncomfortable, you need to visit the doctor and don't let a tiny illness become a serious disease. If you are a young Sheep people, you need to make sure you have good sleeping quality. No enough sleep at night lets you lose energy during daytime, impact your working efficiency and then affect your health and your job.

Fortune: Because your career luck and money luck are unstable in 2009. You have better to keep your profile low. You need to bear the challenge and endure the trouble, stick on your position and must avoid changing your job. If possible, you also have better not to travel to long distance, not to attend funeral, not to visit the sick people, not do home improvement or redecoration. Your health should be fair. If you have a long term disease, as long as you pay attention on it, you can keep the same health. In general, Sheep people must not show off themselves and don't try to be a hero in 2009. They should only focus on their job responsibilities, then they will have a safe and peaceful year of Cow.


Monkey people didn't have any significant performance in 2008, the Year of the Rat. They felt that someone or something blocked their luck all the time. In the year of 2009, there are many Lucky Stars coming to Monkey people. So they have complete new luck and they can expect good news from career, money, reputation, love or happiness area. However, some tiny Unlucky Stars hiding beside the Lucky Stars in 2009. That means Monkey people shouldn't show too complacent and too conceited, because their enemies are still around. If Monkey people make any mistake, then they might lose their reputation, power or wealth.

Career: There are three major Lucky Career Stars appearing in 2009. Those signs indicate you will have an extraordinary and outstanding achievement in your job performance or business development. It's time that you show people about your talent, wisdom, skill. Many people will accept your idea and proposal. Your plan or project will show significant progress and impressive results. You have good chance to gain more responsibilities, own higher power and even win a job promotion. When you have better performance or hold a higher position, then many people become jealous to you. Someone might try to look for your shortcoming or mistake in order to impede your working progress and to damage your reputation. Fortunately, since your keen perception and quick response, you are able to a plan to protect yourself. Also, your supporters will help your to remove the hamper.

Money: There is a Lucky Money Star showing in this year. Since you have a good career luck, your salary fixed income will be satisfactory. If you work for someone, you might earn an extra bonus. If you own your business, then the company sales will have a significant growth. However, the Money Star is not a Windfall Star. The money won't come from gambling, heritage, gift or lottery. It's required your hardworking and time to earn all your income. Another sign show that you have a chance to lose your personal property and no way to recover it. Or an unexpected accident causes your money loss. Therefore, it's safer that do show off your wealth in 2009.

Love: One very Auspicious Star and a Happy Star are gathering in love area. That is the sign of success, happiness, joyfulness, smooth or marriage. If you are single, then you have opportunity to find your dream companion and enjoy the happy love life. If you are already in love, the relationship with your lover will become much closer. If both of you are ready, then you can consider the marriage. If you are married, you and your spouse have a endless love. A new born baby might come into your family. However, if you are a male Monkey guy, you have the chance to meet opposite sex outside. If you don't give in to temptation, you will get lots of argument with your spouse.

Health: Although you have many Lucky Stars coming in your astrological cycle. There also are some Unlucky Stars around you this year. This brings up the health issue. The career will make you busy in 2009. You will feel tired very often. If you have too much nightlife and too less exercise, then you will get sick easily. As long as understanding the health might become the problem, then you should limit unnecessary social life, keep healthy eating habit, maintain good sleeping quality and exercise routinely, then you will have a healthy life in the year of Cow.

Fortune: Monkey people have excellent career luck in 2009. They will work very skillfully and proficiently on their daily job. Their wealth will increase because of good job performance. However, there still is a potential unlucky event coming. Monkey people still need to pay attention on words and deeds. If you can spend more time in helping others, then you will win the good reputation, which could bring you more money in. The feeling of wealth, power, happiness and satisfaction will all come to you.


Chicken people had a better luck than most of people last year. The best parts were in career and wealth area. The good luck of Chicken people will continue to carry over in 2009, year of Cow. Since the foundation of previous preparations, Chicken people can manage their tasks with half the efforts and yield twice the result. However, more Unlucky Stars gathering in 2009, Chicken people will face more blockages and troubles than 2008. Chicken people have to do more analysis in advance, carefully plan their approaches, watch their progress, prepare for unexpected obstacles, if they want to meet their expectations as 2008.

Career: There are two strong Lucky Career Stars appearing in 2009. The signs indicate your have steady career luck. You have potential in your career performance or business development. That means you have a chance to gain more power, responsibilities and even get a job promotion. So you can plan for your strategy to push your goal and deliver an outstanding achievement. Then your reputation will help you to create the career opportunity. However, there are some tiny Unlucky Stars coming in the same time. Therefore, someone might appear to question your plan, weaken your judgment and block your performance. You must handle all the issues with caution to avoid moving your plan to the wrong direction, otherwise you will lose your career opportunity.

Money: Since your career luck is good. There is a chance of job promotion. There also is a Lucky Money Star showing in this year. That means not only your job performance brings your more money, also your money investment will increase your wealth. In short, you will have money income from different sources. However, you may like to enjoy your luxury life. Because of your vanity and extravagance, you will spend most of your money and only with a little saving.

Love: Many Chicken people are full of emotion. Their hearts are easily moved with passion when meeting a opposite sex. They are very attentive and considerate to people. Chicken and Cow have the attraction relationship, but there is an Unlucky Star appearing in love area. This sign implies a temptation and misunderstanding between love relationship. If you are a single, then you might have the chance to meet the opposite sex, but you still cannot catch any love relationship in the end. If you are already in love, your relationship will face the challenge. Someone might stir up trouble between you and your lover. If you cannot handle it well, you might lose the relationship. If you are married, the third party might involve your marriage life. You need to carefully manage the situation to save your marriage.

Health: There two Unlucky Stars showing in the health area. The hint of signs is related to bleeding, breaking and accident. Therefore Chicken people need to pay more attention on their safety and health. You need to carefully use danger tools every time. You have to stay alert on the street. You must focus when driving. You should watch any unsafe object around your environment at work and at home to avoid unnecessary accident caused by neglect.

Fortune: Basically, Chicken people have good luck in 2009, year of Cow. The main reason is the Chicken and Cow have the attraction relationship. They only have poor luck in health. The love relationship is fair. But the career luck and money luck are pretty good while comparing with others. The best part is the money opportunity. As long as you don't spend too much, your wealth will increase a lot. As for love, you need to spend more time with your partner with frank and sincere attitude to stop misunderstanding caused by others. In health, you should make sure you have enough time to rest and watch for your safety at home and outside.


Last year, Dog people should have a better Rat year than most of people. They should be satisfied for their achievement. Even their friends or relatives around should be proud of Dog people's performance. In 2009, Dog people still have Lucky Stars coming, surrounding and supporting them. But the Unlucky Stars will come stronger than 2008. The fortune of Dog people in 2009 will inevitably fall down a little bit. However, Dog people have the character of loyalty, diligence, frank and honest. Therefore, they shouldn't have too bad year in the year of the Cow.

Career: Year 2009, there are two Lucky Stars and two Unlucky Star related to career are coming into your life. The signs show the events of disagreement, argument, conflict or resentment will come and bring you trouble. Therefore, you have to pay attention on your words and deeds. You need to focus more on people relationship. As long as you keep your sincere attitude, hardworking spirit and perseverance character, then you should be able to overcome any obstacle, challenge, confrontation and difficulty from your job in 2009.

Money: One Lucky Star shows you have a good money luck in 2009. But your money luck is connected to the career luck. You have career opportunity in 2009, but the career luck is not stable. Autumn is a better time for your career luck, but not the Summer. As long as you can save your job position, then you should have the stable income. Remember that your money luck this year is not the easy money, you need to work hard to earn it.

Love: There is no Love Star or Happy Star coming for Dog people. But there is a Lonely Star appearing in 2009. That means your love relationship wont' be smooth in the year of Cow. If you are a senior, then you have to pay attention on your spouse's health. You need to take your spouse to visit doctor whenever he or she feels uncomfortable. If you are married, you might have more quarrel with your spouse this year. If you are in love, you might be lack of chemistry with your companion. If there is a third person involved, then your relationship will be in trouble. If you are still single, then you might have one or two love opportunities coming to you in the Cow year, but the relationship won't last too long.

Health: Your job responsibility will increase in 2009. You will have more daily tasks in your position and you need more energy and spirit to handle those heavy job. The mental pressure will come together, then you won't have a good sleeping rest. Next, you will be losing your health and have more chances to get sick. Also, the poor relationship in love will affect your emotion and let you feel depressed. This is purely psychological problem. If you can understand that this is not a long term obstacle and learn how to relax yourself, you should be able to solve this problem.

Fortune: Dog people have a fair luck in the year of Cow, since they have Lucky Stars supporting them and Unlucky stars disturbing them. That means you will have some good time and some hard time. Everything won't be as smooth as you expect. But don't use this as a excuse for frustration or despair. You just have to spend more time to reach your goal. To double your efforts today will let you become more competitive when the opportunity comes tomorrow. In the company, you should keep your profile low, stay away from people giving you trouble and do not have any argument with your enemy. In the money area, don't be too greedy and do not have any risky investment. As long as focusing on your work, you will earn your return. For your love, you need more proactive in communication to build and maintain a solid relationship. For your health, you need to look for more time to rest, and then your health will improve.


In 2009, Pig people have a career related Lucky Star coming into your life. They will obtain the support from the helpers around. Therefore, they have some advantage in their career development or expansion. But, there are some Unlucky Stars appearing together in their health and wealth area. Therefore, the fortune in 2009 won't be too smooth. It's required the strong determination, persisting hardworking with wisdom to overcome the obstacles and deliver the satisfied achievement. In general, the year of the Cow is not a good year for Pig people.

Career: There is a Travel Star coming in 2009. That's the sign for touring distant or traveling abroad. In career, you might have more business trips to long distance or foreign country. You will have extra work hours, but you don't have extra income or additional compensation. You just have to do well for the company's assignments. Otherwise, you will be losing your reputation and losing your responsibility, even your position. The support from your friends in your job area is very limited. Do not let your enemy attack your weakness. As long as focusing on your job duty, you shouldn't get a big trouble.

Money: There is an Unlucky Star appearing in 2009, which will impact your expense area. in the year of the Cow. Many unexpected expense will come to you far beyond your budget, such as hour maintenance, car repair, travel expense, medical bill for yourself or family members. Or your friends or relatives might borrow money from you. But that loan will never return. Anyway, do not underestimate your expense, watch for your wallet, think about your budget before spending in 2009.

Health: Another Unlucky Star appears in the health area. That means you have a chance to get hurt, sick, injury, accident or surgery. If you are a senior citizen, then you might have to visit doctors or hospital whenever you feel uncomfortable. Pay more attention outside, specially on driving to avoid the car accident. Otherwise, car repairing and medical bill will cost you. Also, let yourself have adequate sleep daily to maintain a good health. If not, you will feel tired and no energy all day long. Your daily activities will be impact due to the poor health.

Fortune: Pig people cannot get any help from Lucky Star in the Cow year. Many trouble will come to block your career opportunity. It's hard to reach your goal in career. Money luck will make you disappointed. Both Love and Health won't meet your expectation. Although, there no strong sign showing good luck in 2009, you don't have to give up on everything. You just have to keep a low profile, watch for your words, focus more on your work. You shouldn't do any risky investment. You need to spend more time to care your family members and more love for you partners or companion. Then you still can have a peaceful year of Cow.

Love: Pig people will have passion to look for love in the Cow year. They have good mood to meet the people and treat people very nicely. Therefore, they have opportunities to meet opposite sex. However, the golden opportunity won't come often. If you don't focus and push yourself for social relationship, then you won't get any progress in love relationship in the end of year.


2008 was the year of the Rat. When Rat people meet Rat year, they always have something to worry about. Career should had something, which didn't meet their expectation. Health might not be in a perfect condition. In the beginning months of 2009, Rat people won't see any good fortune sign. From the Spring time, their luck will be getting better. They will see people are coming to help, guide and support them.

Career: In year 2009, a couples of career related Lucky Stars are coming into your life. The signs show people will support and appreciate your working quality and you will have a chance for promotion. Therefore, you do not miss the unique opportunity, show all your job skills and abilities on your position, then you should get more responsibility, get a higher title or get a higher pay job.

Money: Rat people in the year of Cow, they don't have real money luck. Since Rat and Cow have attraction relationship, it looks everything will go well, but something uncertain is coming behind the scene. If you are taking salary, then your pay will get raised, but not too much. If you invest your money on stock market, you might earn some, but will lose more. Most of investment, you will buy high and sell low. If you own your business, then the business looks good, since many customers come to visit your store or company. But they wouldn't buy or order your products too much like before. Anyway, you shouldn't do the risky business in 2009 to avoid decreasing your wealth.

Love: Rat people in Cow year, you should have joyful people relationship coming to you, because Rat and Cow have attraction relationship, which is a love sign. But there is a Lonely Star appearing in 2009 for Rat people. That means you have good and bad news in your love relationships. If you don't have a boy or girl friend now, then you have the chance to meet him or her, but your relationship will face the challenge. Yow won't enjoy the feeling of true love. If you have your boy or girl friend now, then it looks that you are still holding the relationship. But you and your lover won't have too much time to stay together. In this case, most of time, you will feel lonely.

Health: One Sick Star is coming in 2009 for Rat people. That means the health condition of Rat people is not 100%. Rat people will have more chance to catch cold or get sick in 2009. Therefore, for senior citizens with poor health need to pay more attention on their health in the year of Cow. Therefore, if you have a senior Rat person at home, you need to make sure he or she have good nutritious food and maintain adequate sleep daily. When you have a poor health, then you should try not to visit the sick friends or attend any funeral.

Fortune: The luck of Rat people in the year of Cow is fine. They can get help from supporters in their Career. Therefore, you should take this advantage to show all your strengths to people and don't miss this golden opportunity. If you lover or companion is a Rat people too, you have to manage your time well between your job and your love. Please do not leave your lover alone to damage your love relationship. In general, the only issue in 2009 is your money luck. The performance of your money investment or income will be below average. But it won't be too bad. As long as you keep a positive working attitude, stick on your position, then you have the chance to overcome the coming obstacles and you will get the reasonable returns.


Cow people should have a nice Rat year in 2008. Many things end up with their expectation. However, it won't be the same in the year of Cow. Many Unlucky Stars are coming to Cow people and there is no strong Lucky Stars coming to help them. Therefore, the fortune of 2009 is unstable and unpredictable. Troubles and obstacles will appear soon or later and wait for the challenge. Cow people need to pay attention on everything during the entire year of the Cow.

According to Chinese Zodiac, if the zodiac sign of birth year is same to the zodiac sign of yearly cycle, then that's an unlucky year to the person. Many troubles will come to bother the person. The person needs to manage events with caution at work, at home or traveling to avoid argument, lawsuit, accident, libel, blooding and money loss.

Career: The Unlucky Year Star and Fighting Stars move to your career area in year 2009. People relationship in your business or job circle will be poor. Business development has the difficulty to expand. You will face strong competition with coworkers in the company. Unfortunately, you are the underdog in the competition. You might keep losing your spirit, cannot focus on your task and then impact your job performance. The good news is that a Knowledge Star appears this year. If your job is related to art, writing, publishing, entertainment, creativity, acting or speech, then you have the chance to show your talent to people and open the door for your better job opportunity.

Money: Cow people's money luck is connected with the career luck in 2009. Since your career performance won't get any good anticipation, therefore to increase a good income becomes remote possible. Plus, an Unlucky Broken Star shows in the money area. That means it's hard for you to pile up wealth into your savings. In short, money comes, then money goes this year. Therefore, you shouldn't do any short term risky investment. Anything related to money, you need to think twice before you leap. If you don't have any financial plan, then it's hard for you to balance your expense and income.

Love: Because the Knowledge Star comes into yout life it implies the wisdon, talent and loneliness. If you are married, then you might have more argument with your spouse or children. If you are in love, then you will have less times to meet your lover and the love relationship becomes distant. If you are a senior, then you have to pay attention on the health of your spouse to avoid visiting hospital. If you are single, it's not a good time to pursuit the impossible dream.

Health: The Unlucky year star comes strongly to you in 2009. Many things will disturb Cow people. Worry and anxiety will bring you lots of mental and physical pressure. Therefore, you need
fully pay attention on your health. You have to stay alert for any changes of
your body. Because you might lose your focus, you need to pay attention on the
safety while your are walking and driving on the street to avoid the traffic

Fortune: Cow people always have unsatisfied events in every Cow year. The fortune in career, wealth. health, love and family will below expectation in 2009. But you don't have to despair or give up. In your career, you just have to hold on your job position, keep your profile low, work harder for your daily job. You need to follow your financial plan and do not waste unnecessary expense. You need to remember to show the care and love to your family members, spouse or lover. You also have to watch your own health. In this case, you will have a peaceful the year of the Cow.


In 2008, Tiger people had a Travel Star connected with their career and wealth. There were good and bad in career and money luck. Some tiny Unlucky Stars appeared in health and love area. The general fortune of 2008 should be fair. There are more Unlucky Stars coming in 2009. The career luck is fair, but money luck will go south. Therefore Tiger people should pay more attentions on job position and money investment in the year of the Cow. Since Tiger and Cow have the hurting relationship, your people public relationship will be poor than last year.

Career: The Lucky Sun Star moves to your career area in year 2009. People around you will support and give you career guide or offer your career opportunity. Because the Sun Star is a male, therefore the person gives your major help will be a man. The sign shows that your boss or supervisor will appreciate your performance and give you more responsibility on assign you major tasks. Certainly, you should gasp this opportunity and fully go for it. However, there is one Unlucky Star coming in the same time, which will disturb your working emotion and obstruct your working progress. If you lose your confidence, cannot overcome the emotional impact, then you might lose this career opportunity and all your efforts will become futile.

Money: Tiger people don't have any Lucky Star related to money luck. Instead, there are two Unlucky Stars appearing in 2009. Therefore the money income is hard to reach your goal. One sign shows your expense will be more than before, you won't have too much left for saving. This tells you that every time you shop or purchase something, you have to make sure you really need the merchandise. The other sign shows someone might deceive your money investment. That means something might happen and force you to use your savings to pay for that event. Therefore, you shouldn't be greedy in any investment and don't do any risky business even with your close friends or relatives in the year of the Cow. Otherwise, your wealth will decrease a lot.

Love: No matter that you are single, in love or married, your love relationship is not bad in 2009, because there is a Love Star coming to you. If you are single, you have good chance to meet your companion, even develop a closer relationship. If you are in love, then your love relationship will become stronger and closer. If your partner is ready, then you might get married this year. If you are married, you will be giving and receiving the love more from your spouse. However, you need to keep the distance from the opposite sex outside to avoid misunderstanding.

Health: There is a tiny Unlucky Health Star around you in 2009. But it won't cause any serious disease. Tiger people should have a good health in the year of the Cow. Only some might have the pressure or obstacle from their job and feel gloomy or depressed. As long as you know how to relax yourself to reduce the stress and let alone unnecessary concern, you should have good energy and spirit entire year.

Fortune: The luck of Tiger people in the year of Cow is fair. The unlucky part is in the career and wealth area. So don't expect you will have high job performance or good financial achievement. In your career, since the Unlucky Stars attack on your weakness of the personality, if your can persist your determination, keep your humble attitude to face the challenge, then you will have a better chance to succeed. In the wealth, you need to plan your financial strategy in the beginning of the year. Then make sure to follow your plan to balance your budget. Otherwise, your monthly expense will exceed your income. Your should have good health during the entire year. You have excellent luck in love relationship in 2009. However, I shouldn't look for new relationship, if you already have your lover or spouse. This is because that new relationship might not last to the next year.


Rabbit people have a Moon Star connected with business in 2009. Therefore the career development of Rabbit people will be solid, stable, but limited in the Cow year. A Love Star also appears in the same time. That's a good sign for Rabbit people who already have long-term love relationship with their companions or partners. However, many Unlucky Stars are coming around and only a couples of lucky stars show in 2009. That means Rabbit people cannot get too much help from friends, relatives or supporters. Under the circumstances, Rabbit people will easily get sick this year. They need to pay attention on their health. They need energy to stay alert and focus on the issue. The health is the important factor for them to face the coming challenge in the year of the Cow.

Career: Since no strong Lucky Star, you will get less supporting in your job position. You will encounter the trouble and spend more times to finish tasks. Therefore you don't credits in the job performance. But you still need to work hard, stay focus, pay attention on your words or behavior. Otherwise, your mistake might cause to be scolding or punishing, even get a lawsuit. Therefore, you need to keep your profile low and avoid argument with others in the company. Then you will be safe in your career future.

Money: Because of the troubles and obstacles in career, you don't expect you will have good achievement in money area. You should be happy, if you can reach the same financial goal as in 2008. Because there is no Lucky Money Star coming to you, you must not do the risky investment or gambling. Don't be greedy in the short term return, you will lose all and regret in the end.

Love: If you are married, you might have some quarrel with your spouse about your children or family expense. If you are in love, you will spend less time with your lover. Unless you and your lover have been together for many years, your relationship might be turn cold after some disagreement. If you are single, you have the chance to meet the new friend, but the relationship won't last too long.

Health: Many Unlucky Stars are unfavorable to your health and your family members. You should pay more attention not only on your health, but also on the the seniors in your family. You need to prevent yourself from not only getting sick, but also get injury at work and at home.

Fortune: The luck of Rabbit people in the year of Cow is not that good. So you don't expect you will have good job performance or good financial return. But you shouldn't give up, you need to persist your determination, learn the experience and knowledge from the trouble. When your good luck comes, then all career investment will return and the wealth will increase after. Poor health could cause your mental and physical problems. You can spend more time with your family to relax yourself and take care the health of family members. Make sure no one get hurt by any accident in the year 2009.


Dragon people had more good news than bad news in 2008, year of Rat. But the fortune of Dragon people in 2009 will be slide down a little bit. Dragon people will have a better health than last year. But the career luck and money luck won't be that good comparing with 2008. This is because that many Unlucky Stars appear in the same time and those Unlucky Stars bring obstacles and suppress morale on Dragon people. Fortunately, there is a Lucky Moon Star coming this year. That means someone will appear to help and support you when you are in big trouble. Thus, you have a chance to take a break while fighting against adversity.

Career: You had the Lucky Moon Star showing in career area in 2008. You could get the support from a female mentor and you could have the chance to show you talent on your job position. However, it will be different in 2009. The coming Unlucky Stars will block your career opportunity. Your job performance won't reach your goal. The your characteristics will become passive and negative. The bad reputation and dispute will come next. You need great energy, strong determination and persisting patience to get out the predicament in the year of Cow.

Money: The Lucky Moon Star should be a good sign for you money luck. But your wealth will increase or not, depending on the progress of your career or business. Since the career luck is tough this year, therefore the money luck will be limited. Another Unlucky Star is found in money area. That means you have a opportunity to earn more money, but you still have a good chance to suffer money loss. In short, your money luck in 2009 is that money comes and money goes. Since the money luck is unstable. You shouldn't try any gambling to wish wining more by a small investment. This dream won't happen in 2009.

Love: Your love fortune will be about the same to year 2008. The good news is the Lonely Star doesn't appear in 2009 anymore. If you are married, then you will spend more time with your spouse. Both of your hearts will get even closer. You should be able to maintain a happy marriage. If you are in love, your dating time will increase. You and your lover will get along well and the love relationship will be stronger and closer. You will feel harmony, happiness, sweet and warm all the time. If you are single, then you might be lonely for a while, since there is no strong love sign coming.

Health: Basically, there is no major health problem for Dragon people in 2009. You will have a safe and healthy Cow year. However, the seniors still have to pay attention in September and December. If they get sick during that time, they need more time to recover. If the young people don't not have enough sleeping at night, then they will have trouble to concentrate during the day, which will affect their performance at work. If they keep living this way, their health will
deteriorate in the second half of the year.

Fortune: The luck of Dragon people in the year of Cow is not that great, but it's still fine. Although, Dragon people will encounter more trouble in career area. But they still have a helper or supporter around to protect them. As long as you focus on your job duty, make sure to deliver your task completely, avoid the argument with people, spend more time with your mentors, then your career should be fine in 2009. There is a money loss sign this year. You shouldn't expect any good money return from the investment. If you are not greedy and won't gamble, then you should be able to balance your budget in the year of the Cow.


Snake people had a fair luck in 2008, year of Rat. In the year of Cow 2009, they will have a better luck than 2008, this is because the Cow and Snake have attraction relationship. There are Lucky Stars coming to Snake people, their career performance will have significant progress. Also Snake people's money luck is much better than most of people. However, some Unlucky Stars gathers in Love and Health area. Love relationship won't have a good development. Snake people need to watch for their health in 2009. Although Snake people have many opportunities, but they have to understand their limit to determine when making a aggressive move to increase the chance of success.

Career: There are two strong Lucky Stars showing in career area in 2009. You will win the good reputation from the job position. You job performance can bring in more income. In 2009, you can successfully reach the goal of your proposal or company development plan. You will earn the recognition from the company, since your excellent achievement at your working projects. A job promotion or salary raise is possible. However, you still have two Unlucky Stars appearing in this year. Someone might try to block your career opportunity, which could extract your concentration and then impact your judgment. Therefore, you need to work on projects with caution to avoid any mistake and stay away the argument with others.

Money: You have two Lucky Stars coming money area this year. One of them is the Money Star. Certainly that's is a good sign to increase the wealth. Since you have good luck in the career area. Either you work for someone or you own the business, the career opportunity should bring you more income than in 2008. However, this Money Star is not a Windfall Star. The money won't automatically come into your door. You still need to find it, plan it, work on it, then bring it into your pocket. Therefore, if you are lazy and wait for it, then you will lose the money opportunity in the year of the Cow.

Love: Many Unlucky Stars gather in emotion area. You are used to protect your ego. You are afraid of hurting your feelings in love. Your passion for love will cool down. There will be no progress in love relationship. If you are still single, it will be difficult to find someone you like to talk with you this year. If you are married and in love, then your love relationship won't show any closer sign. Instead, you will have some minor disagreements with your lover often, which might impact on each other's daily mood and work. The married people also have to pay attention on their spouse's health in 2009.

Health: An Unlucky Star shows the sign of loneliness and isolation to you in 2009. The lonely emotion could affect people's health. If you encounter difficulty at work and feel frustration in love, then your health will be impacted right away. The most common symptom is insomnia. This Unlucky star also indicates a hint of sadness and tear. If you are a senior Snake people,
then you need to pay more attention on your health. If you often feel
uncomfortable, then you must visit doctors to take care the pain at once.
Otherwise, a small illness might become a serious disease.

Fortune: Snake people have good and bad news in last year, 2008. In general, Snake People have significant improvement in career and financial performance this year. You should use this opportunity to save more money for the need in the future. As fro love, you need be more initiative and proactive to communicate with your partner to improve the understanding between you two. For the single Snake people need to watch for your manner, outlook and temperament to improve your attractiveness. Then you might have chance to meet the person likes you in the year of the Cow.


SOURCE: chinesefortunecalendar

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