Friday, January 23, 2009

The Boiling Crab

During my 3 weeks vacation in LA, I've been to boiling crab 3 times at 3 different branches and ordered almost the same set every time. Our favorite was the shrimps in whole sha bang sauce;
Whole sha what? Whole sha bang is their mix of all their sauces namely original rajun cajun, lemon Pepper and garlic butter...

Tip is either to come here early or come here late, otherwise you'll have to wait for more than 40 minutes to be seated, since they accept no reservations. 2nd pointer is to go straight home after you dine here, unless you want to smell like seafood garlic :)

First off, the server will put a plastic boiling crab bib upon ordering, this to prepare you for a messy good food squirting experience...Order will come in a steaming plastic bag, placed on top of your wax paper covered table. A pound of shrimps cost $9 aprrox. P450.
There's no utensils here, no plates, no spoon & fork. Oh, don't forget to wash your hands before and after eating. ;) You have to use you're hands to savor the finger lickin good taste of their food. Ask for "salt and pepper " and lime and dunk the shrimp in... ohhhh luscious!
Sides such as corn also comes inside the bag, the corn wrapped in its tastilicious sauce is so friggin delicious... Sweet potato fries and Cajun fries are also at its best.

Their dungeness crab is huge,succulent and meaty. The crab in the picture cost around $24... 2++ lbs, I guess...
They also offer Dungeness crab legs ($9/lbs) which are also good but nothing compared to the crab itself. Their raw oysters is just ok, 6 to 8 pieces per serving and cost around $9.

Overall, I had an awesome addicting experience... Whole sha bang!

I hope there will be a similar boiling crab here in Manila... just a wishful thinking :)

That's All!

The Boiling Crab
14241 Euclid St. #C-116 Garden Grove, CA 92843
13892 Brookhurst St. Garden Grove,CA 92843
742 W. Valley Blvd Alhambra, CA
Phone:(001)714 265-CRAB
For more info: The Boiling crab


mye said...

sarap naman! i really liked your posts about food and restos...lalo na pag may price list na heheeh

carlotta1924 said...

huwaw those crabs sure look great! =)

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing... but is it true, crabs here are still the best? :) happy chinese new year!!!

princess_dyanie said...

wow nagutom ako! saraaaap!

Anonymous said...

so messy yet so yummy!! hehehe. i love shrimps!

Anonymous said...

seafoooood! looks and sounds delish!:D

Anonymous said...

crabs here in the philippines are still the best!

escape said...

exactly! there should be one like that in manila. try to check out red crab in alabang town center mall.

Oliboy's Adventures said...

this looks awesome! inggit ako! :(

ALiNe said...

@Mye- hahaha! sa Price nagkakatalo noh? heehee!

@carlotta- yeap yeap but the sauce is really amazing :D

@Mikky- Yeah I think so, lalo na yung bading na crab.. mmmm so yummy, pero kasi its really the whole sha bang that i really really lurve..

@Princess Dyanie- Hahahah! ako nga din e yun sinusulat ko sya nagutom bigla...

@Calvin- Tsarap talaga!!!

@Cza- naku! kelangan mo mag anti allergy dito...hehehe!

@The dong- I've eaten in red crabs several times pero sarap talaga nun sauce sa boiling crab... crap!!! Hungry na ako ...hehe!

@Oliboy- ako din inggit... nakabalik na ako e..haha!

Anonymous said...

huwaw! that really looks good aline! now i'm really craving for crabs ;-)

Anonymous said...

They said that there's already a Boiling Crab here in the philippines but..i don't know where :(

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