Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Picture picture from my US trip

Here are some of my shots from my recent U.S. trip... actually this are few of my favorite :)
Camera: Canon Eos 400D + kit lens

The Getty Museum in Los Angeles

A nice landscape in San Diego's Wild animal park

A heavenly shot from inside the car on the way to Vegas

A view of a big full moon in Disney land resort, Anaheim

A view of Eiffel tower from Bellagio's famous fountain in Las Vegas Nevada

Americana Mall in Glendale

A nice view going to Mt. Pinot

Trunks from Mt. Pinot

That's All!


princess_dyanie said...

wow wow wow! love the pics! kaw kumuha? weeee :)

Oliboy's Adventures said...

pareho pala tayo ng camera e... nice shots alien!

click click

Reena said...

i went to LA too for vacation, but spent most of my time in disneyland, universal studios, and other recreational parks. i missed Las Vegas!

where is mt. pinot? ang ganda ng photo mo of that mountain.

Anonymous said...

nice pics.infact after seeing ur pictures i downloaded a picture and set it as my background wallpaper.thanks sis.

escape said...

amazing shots. i like the bellagio and the mt pinot shots.

im back after a long busy break!

Anonymous said...

hey, how'd you find the getty? nice no? love love the architecture ;-)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shots!

Love love love your photos. :-)

ALiNe said...

@Princess dyanie- Yeap yeap ako ang kumuha nyan... BOW BOW BOW...hehehe!

@Olibear- Thanks! Pareho pala tayo camera ha... apir! Magclick click ka pa ...hhah

@Reena- Mt. Pinot, its just a mountain, malapit lang sa San Fernando Valley. I want to see a snow before I leave so we went there... Nice naman yung mountain yun nga lang me4dyo manipis na yung snow nun pumunta kami...hee hee!

@Napoleon- Really? You are welcome :) Glad you like it.

@Caryn- getty , is beautiful. I want to see moma next time... hopefully :D

@The dong- Thanks for the compliment.

@Dyosa- Tenchu tenchu, I'm still practicing though :D

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