Sunday, April 13, 2008

Izakaya Tanuki

Tanuki in Japanese means legendary raccoon dog. In Manila, it is a small and modest authentic Japanese restaurant in buendia. Dining here will give you a feel of traditional Japanese dining - sitting on a tatami mats and dine from low tables; there's also an portion where there is a chair by the bar. Japanese written menu (we assume) are posted by the wall.
The menu is a little off at first, informing us that they don't have sushi or bento, but it didn't bothered at all as we go on on pages, since the choices is pretty extensive. Service is just ok. Anyway on our table...

Shake sashimi. P180
There salmon is generously sliced, is fresh and yummy.
It is definitely to drool for.

Ebi Tempura. P250 est.
It is crunchy, light and not greasy.

Fried rice with Miso soup. P180.
Yes it comes in combo- fried rice is big enough for two, While miso soup is just ok it is missing the tofu.
Tenderloin wrapped in bacon skewer. Price ranging from 350-400

Mmmmmm... tender and juicy!

Hmmmm... if you are interested dining in this place I suggest you made reservation first since the place is pretty small. In my estimate, it can only accommodate 25 pax or perhaps 6 group of 4 pax ;-)

That's All!

Izakaya Tanuki
342 Buendia cor. Fernando St.
Pasay City (Near LRT Buendia station)
Open from 4PM to 1Am daily.


Oman said...

I suddenly crave for tepanyaki and that good ole' miso soup.

ALiNe said...

Mmmmm... Miso soup + rainy days.... sarap!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

can i use your link and paste it in izakaya tanuki's multiply site. Thanks and Godbless

ALiNe said...

Izakaya Tanuki- Surely ;D

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