Thursday, April 17, 2008

1st half day in Boracay

We just arrived, here are some of our Boracay pictures. We've got 600 pix for 1st morning in Boracay... tsktsk harddisk beware!

Mic- Envy us? Awwww! Don't worry we're not having fun without you... See ;-)


Breakfast @ Real coffee
The best coffee in Boracay and delicious breakfast is being served here.

Group pix without Rommel, Ruel and wifey
@Rex & Belle's room

Real coffee is hidden behind Island Foot Spa, near Station 1, TEL. 036288534

That's All!


Calv said...

nasa boracay na nagbloblog pa rin. hehehe. free ba wifi dyan? enjoy!!

ALiNe said...

@pinoy websurfer- Aba syempre naman :) I think the whole boracay island is wifi zone naman.

Ruy said...

Waaaa! I miss Boracay!

ALiNe said...

Ruy- Tara na dito.. beach na habang mainit :D

Oliboy's Adventures said...

inggit ako! :)

ALiNe said...

Oliboy - 1 month nalang andito ka na!

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