Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Izakaya Nihonbashitei Steak

I was in some place when my friends (office) tried Nihonbashitei and they highly suggested that this is a must try for me... And there this friend saying that I shouldn't try it without him... so after a few months of avoiding the place, we go...

The place is divided into two- Ground level where you can order the usual Japanese ala carte and 2nd floor (note that the entrance is outside) where 6 private teppanyaki rooms lies. Each room can seat 6- 8 people.... We choose to dine upstairs as suggested by Iggy.

Too bad we can't order food from downstairs since according to them, they just renewed their menu and having some marketing experiment ekek... so menu is a bit limited that time... Not really sure if it is allowed now.

There were only 2 chefs that time so we waited long for our chef to cook our food; teppanyaki style - food is cook right in front of you. Newly-cooked guarantee! Ooohh they make sound effects while cooking, chef said it’s for entertainment purposes: D

Here's the cooked version of US angus rib-eye with veggies (half serving). It is tender and yummy...
Sorry, I haven't taken pictures of the other orders. Anyway estimate budget would be around 500/pax. And yes it is a good place but you need a little patience...

That's All!

Izakaya Nihonbashitei Steak
800 Arnaiz avenue (former Pasay Road), Makati City.
(near skyway entrance)


Ruy said...

This seems like a fun place to eat. What sounds do the chefs make?=)
Hay, if only it weren't in Makati...
Hi Aline! Thank you so much for the weebee. I appreciated it.=)

ALiNe said...

Ruy!!! - Ahhh TaktakTakatak like - as if they're mad... Lolz! Where do you live ba?
No need to thank for the weebee, I'm checking your blog from time to time :)

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