Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Holy cow Steak Ranch and American Grill

I've wanted to go to Robinson midtown - the newly built wing extension of Robinson’s place Ermita to see the mall itself and of course for the foodies. Anyway one weekend, I finally set foot there with my sisters and decided to try holy cow steak ranch and American grill.

Why there? Mainly because of its attractive western interiors- It is very inviting indeed with cowboy/Ranch style decors which you can obviously see once you enter the mall...


And we opt to sit by the booth. (Don't mind us ;-p)
A complimentary bread sticks was given as we waited for our orders.
The food...
Country mushroom soup. P85
Wow a soup for P85 bucks in an American resto, cheap e? But sadly it is not hot but it's warm ,and it is not creamy- I just can't figure out what's lacking in these soup, but there is... :(
All Star Spaghetti Marinara. P150 solo. P265 reg.
We requested for Angel hair pasta which they accommodate.
It is well presented and is good.

Captain Grilled Salmon. P310
With choice of two side dish - Potato ribbons and buttered veggies.
Salmon is a little bland for our taste- it is just so so.

Chief pot roast beef.P420
Mashed potato and ham pilaf as our side dish.
They should be serving their food hot specially when it is in a sizzling pan, right? It is not hot... nothing special about it... sigh!

All in all the food isn't great but is OK.

Good thing their staff is very accommodating and well trained and there's no service charge.

Will I be back? not for now I guess but I can try it again next time... hope they improve.

Holy cow Steak Ranch and American Grill
Ground Floor Level, Midtown ,
Robinson's Place, Ermita

That's All!


Eneri said...

hi..i just tried eating at Holy Cow yesterday and I loved it.Love the place..=)-Irene

ALiNe said...

Hi Irene - Good that you enjoyed their food... our experienced wasn't that great( well for the food itself)... Thanks for the visit .. I visited your site :) Nice site welcome to the blogging world ...

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