Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pre-Xmas party @ redbox

I'm an alcoholic freak... Nah of course I'm not.

I don't really drink on a normal day but yes, yes I do drink on occasion but definitely no beers and when I say on occasion it is prolly like 2X to 3x a year, and that means I knew and trust my company well in other words I only drink when I’m in good hands. Naks!

Anyway last Saturday was our group (Safeway + Accenture) pre-Xmas celebration and was Ken ken’s b-day bash as well, the event happened in Red box were there is flowing pica-pica red wine, vodka and beers. The party started at around 6 pm and ended at around 7 am, YEAP that was almost 13 hours; I came in late because I watched musical play “into the woods” which I'll blog later on.

Fast forward --> Overall it was one hell of unforgettable party, incredibly happy happy fun fun ... There was singing, dancing, eating, laughing, crying, there was Adrian's magic tricks by the pool table, there was the highlight of the night --Colin's almost fight scene and there was I, shamefully blocked out-- Yikesss! Enough, enough of the story now… We’re KEWL right? –haha!

That's all!


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